Most businesses these days are much more environmentally-aware and seeking to modernise their processes and systems to contribute positively to reducing the greenhouse effect and other environmental problems. The print industry has embraced these issues and for a decade or more has been moving to produce more digital-based marketing materials to meet the increased demand from customers for eco-friendly print products.

Here are some aspects of eco-friendly printing to consider:

Preferred print providers

Recent industry reports clearly state that customers prefer working with and supporting environmentally sustainable companies – to this end, businesses globally are converting to more environmentally friendly practices to enhance and grow their business both financially and reputationally. Customers are increasingly looking to partner with eco-friendly printing companies to provide their marketing and promotional business aspects.

An eco-friendly printing company will be considering the facts that more than half of consumers are willing to pay more for products from environmentally conscious companies and up to 87% of consumers state that they would switch brand providers if an alternative brand of similar quality supports a good and environmentally friendly cause.

Money saving

Trading as an eco-friendly printing company provides tangible benefits for businesses – print companies that practice recycling wherever possible in their operations are gaining, not only enhanced reputation and popularity with their consumers, but also real monetary benefits. Companies recycling unwanted materials can have access to government grants in support of their eco-friendly practices – print materials such as ink, paper, metal plates can all be recycled with no detrimental effect on the quality of the products they print.  

Eco-friendly materials

Trading carbon for cleaner ink is a major eco-friendly advancement – traditional print inks contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which evaporate easily and release harmful materials contributing both to global warming and potentially the health of print workers. Switching to more modern printing techniques and materials, for example, LED-UV press printing, eliminates these greenhouse gases and health concerns.

Recycled print products

Virtually all printed paper products can be produced through eco-friendly processes including recycled leaflet printing and colour booklets. For example, the Evolution Digital uncoated range of printed products are made from cellulose which is entirely biodegradable. This recycled paper product is used for recycled leaflet printing – it is a smooth paper, 100% recycled and can be used to print single or double-sided leaflets in a range of sizes and formats.   

Energy efficiency

Improved energy efficiency is a major contributory factor to cutting greenhouse gas emissions and practicing eco-friendly printing. Effective use of energy is also cost-effective for the business overall – print companies should consider whether machines can automatically switch to stand-by when not in use and ensure that the print machinery is set-up and operated in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations on energy efficiency whilst ensuring all users are aware of the correct settings.

Sustainable print companies

Whilst seriously taking into account the environmental benefits of eco-friendly practices, it may not always be feasible for every business. In these cases, presenting your print business as an eco-friendly print company as a partner offers other businesses the opportunity to contribute environmentally. For a business partnering with a sustainable eco-friendly print company such as your own, their own eco-friendly credentials and reputation will be enhanced – making your print company more attractive to potential new customers.  

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