When it comes to marketing or advertising, you’re told to make a great first impression – this is very good advice, but you also need to consider what follows that!

For effective business you also need to present a sustained good impression and, as all businesses are aware, marketing and advertising can be an expensive overhead! Amongst all the many marketing tools and methods employed by business, one the simplest, cost-effective – and often overlooked – is vehicle branding!

Here are some aspects of van wraps for you to consider:

Vehicle graphics are attention grabbing

If you are driving in a plain white, or single-coloured, van or car, then it is unlikely that your vehicle will attract much notice from anyone around you. If, however, your vehicle has a well-designed vehicle wrap then it will be eye-catching to everyone you pass on the road and pavements.

A vehicle wrapped in a design displaying your company logo and colours will draw the attention of other drivers and passers-by alike – whether they were looking for it or not!

Using your vehicle for advertising guarantees an audience

The beauty of advertising with vehicle graphics is the diverse spread – and numbers – of the people you can reach! The further your vehicle travels, and the number of vehicles you have, then the more people’s attention you will attract.

Vehicle branding generates more viewings than almost any other form of advertising, with many companies able to demonstrate that they generate more business from their van wraps than their ‘more advanced’ marketing tools such as a website. Whereas other forms of marketing may be specifically targeted for a particular audience, vehicle graphics are automatically viewed by a greater diverse audience of all ages, generations, genders, and cultures that make-up any typical geographic area or population.

Your vehicle offers a softer advertising approach

Many of today’s advertising and marketing tools can be intrusive – the regular interruptions to your TV and radio programmes, the annoying ‘pop-up’ adverts and messages on your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop for example.

Vehicle branding graphics offer a more subtle and less aggressive message to anyone who views them. Unlike the other ‘in your face’ marketing methods, van wraps relay your message without necessarily interrupting something the viewer may be engaged in. Customers often prefer this ‘softer’ or less invasive approach to advertising and will respond more positively to the message being conveyed. Vehicle branding has almost a ‘passive aggressive’ effect, with the image and message filtering into people’s consciousness without them realising.

A van you see every day on your way to or from work will constantly reinforce your business name and brand without the individual really being aware of it. 

Vehicle signage is a cost effective option

Vehicle branding is possibly the most cost-effective form of advertising in which your business can engage. Most other forms of marketing will have recurring financial overheads and implications.

Advertising hoardings and posters have regular reprinting overheads, radio and TV advertising carry expensive initial set-up costs and require regular financial renewals, especially for a sustained marketing campaign. Vehicle graphics have an initial low-cost of wrapping your vehicle with your corporate design and can be easily and cheaply changed whenever you require and generate repeated business for years!

Target your local market as your travel

Another of the big advantages of vehicle graphic branding is that you will automatically be infiltrating your local community with your corporate image and message. If your vehicles leave from your business premises every day, then they drive through your local area making them a regular and constant feature in your local community, highlighting your business profile to local people and other nearby businesses – this can be especially advantageous to smaller businesses whose main clientele may be within the local community.

A vehicle wrap offers added protection

There is another valuable advantage to vehicle branding – once your vehicles are wrapped, the wrap itself offers protection. All vehicles pick-up scratches and minor damages in everyday use, especially work vehicles. Van wraps will offer protection from these everyday minor damages thus maintaining the condition and value of your vans and cars. This adds to the cost-effectiveness of this form of advertising as your vehicles will retain value when being sold or traded at later dates.

Speaking with experts in vehicle wrapping and advertising will always be of benefit – established vehicle wrapping companies will provide bespoke, high-end professional finishes to your corporate vehicles and put them to greater use than simply transporting your people and goods from one location to another!

John E Wright

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