The gradual removal of lockdown and the opening of non-essential retail businesses has meant that new guidelines and ways of working have had to be put into place to minimise the spread of covid-19 and to protect employers, employees, and customers from the risk of contracting the virus.

In theory the guidelines are a good way to ensure everyone can access the High Street safely. In practice, translating the guidelines to large groups of people is problematic. The practical implementation of social guidelines can also be difficult in smaller spaces where access may previously have been free for several people at once, access may be restricted to a certain number of people at any one time. A range of social distancing signage can provide clear communication to ensure businesses comply.

Where social distancing markers and signs are useful

Areas where social distancing markers are useful:

Entrance To A Store

It may be that your store can only safely accommodate a certain number of customers at any one time. Using a social distancing floor sticker at the entrance to a store is an ideal way to let customers know your store limit and to act as a subtle ‘stop and wait’ sign to ensure your premises don’t become overloaded with customers that are unable to maintain the 2 metre guideline.

Flow Around A Store

It is harder to maintain social distancing inside a store, small or large, if customers are all travelling in different directions. Using social distancing markers to implement a flow around the store allows you to mark out 2 metre spaces to help the customer envisage the space between themselves and another person.

Payment Points Within A Store

The payment point in any store is always a place where customers are likely to be close to each other for a longer period of time and may also spend more time around a staff member. Many retail companies have implemented screens to create a division between staff and customers at their tills. Social distancing floor stickers are a great way to provide a visual aid to customers as they queue so they can maintain their 2 metre distance from the next person in the queue.

Information Desks

If you manage or own a larger store, or a workplace with a front facing information desk you will know that, like a payment point, this is an area that may have a lot of people in a more confined space. Similarly to payment desks, information desks or customer service desks, can make use of social distancing markers to ensure queues meet social distancing guidelines and to minimise the risk of spreading the virus.


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