Every business employs different – and often many – strategies and vehicles in their marketing and sales campaigns. Trade shows can sometimes seem quite daunting and require a lot of preparation and work – not to mention financial overheads. But there are very few, if any, more effective platforms to display your company brand, products and services, to an audience that is directly relevant to your business.

The business returns from a successful exhibition display stand at a trade show can prove far more lucrative than any other form of marketing. Here are some of the reasons your company should consider exhibiting at these events:

Meet prospective customers

Exhibiting at trade shows offers the ideal opportunity to meet and connect face-to-face with potential new customers, as opposed to trying to speak with them over the phone or other ‘less personal’ avenues. Once you have met someone at an event, they will be a person who recognises and remembers you instead of just being ‘another voice’ over the phone. Whilst you may not close a direct sale on the day, any further attempt to contact them will be far more acceptable to them having met you in person.

Strengthen connection with existing customer base

Trade shows are not just for attracting new business. They are great forums for strengthening bonds and connections with existing customers or clients. Whilst most of today’s business meetings and transactions are conducted via digital and social media platforms, the experience of face-to-face communication still holds more power and positive influence. It provides an opportunity to discuss the business you have already completed with your customer and look at further plans with them going forward – these trade shows are excellent for reinforcing your business relationships!

Industry development knowledge

Many businesses use trade shows as a platform to announce and display their latest products or developments. These events put you in the forefront to gain valuable information on what is happening in your specific industry and, importantly, what your competitors are offering. You can observe what your direct ‘opposition’ in the marketplace is doing differently from yourself and perhaps learn from their sales strategies and pricing.

Attract new business connections

It is not just prospective new customers or clients that trade shows allow you access. It is an opportunity to interact with businesses that may be complementary and useful to your own. These shows offer the chance to both expand your own distribution, but also make vital connections and additions to your supply chain!

Make actual sales

One of the main reasons any business attends a trade show is to try to generate new business and make actual sales on the day. Trade shows offer a great opportunity to make personal sales. This is a far easier task than trying to do so from a sales pitch via a phone or other medium. In a trade show you have the potential client there in front of you – and their undivided attention – something that is not often possible when contacting them at the office or workplace. You are in an environment in which attendees to the event are there with a mindset to do actual business in your industry arena.

Brand reinforcement

As valuable as new business is the opportunity to reinforce your company brand and image. Trade shows are ideal for reminding potential and existing customers of your corporate identity and branding. Freestanding signs, banner stands, and exhibition display stands are all highly effective tools in attracting attention to your business and your products and services. Equipping your pop-up exhibition stands with branded materials to give away at the event allows you to issue a physical representation and reminder of your business to all who visit your exhibition display stand during the event.

Expand lead database

When participating at trade shows you can expect a high volume of visitors to your exhibition display stand – and all people who are relevant to your industry and services or products! These are great opportunities to expand your lead database with genuine prospects for business going forward. This is a far better way to add to potential prospects than other marketing vehicles you may use!

Liaise directly with target market

Preparing yourself properly before attending a trade show will always pay dividends. Ensure that your pop-up exhibition stands are stocked with the relevant materials and merchandise. When considering your event printing for the show, ensure you have forms for conducting short surveys with people who attend your exhibition service. These forms can provide valuable feedback on your company and products, as well as capturing all the important contact details that will comprise your sales leads for your next marketing campaign.

Improve marketing & sales techniques

Trade shows are a great platform for your sales team to hone their presentation and sales techniques. They can act as an intense, ‘fast-forward’ training exercise, and provide the opportunity to test new sales approaches and strategies.    

Benefits & value

You can see the potential value of your business being represented at a trade show. Preparing thoroughly for the event by ‘arming’ yourself with the right exhibition display stands will pay dividends in the long run! Ensure you make use of a professional exhibition service, incorporating items such as popup exhibition stands, freestanding signs, banner stands and a quality event printing service, and your business can enjoy highly successful results from attending trade shows!    

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