When it comes to making your business stand out, there is nothing better than a visual communication tool of some kind. That is where tension fabric stands are proving more and more popular. They allow companies to create an impactful visual display for existing and potential consumers alike, using lightweight materials. Made up of an aluminium frame and fabric graphic, they are the ideal solution for a variety of settings, including trade shows, retail stores and corporate events. So, why are they so popular? Let’s take a look:

Simple yet effective marketing

A tension fabric stand is easy to set up and to take down. It is essentially a frame and a piece of fabric with tension in-between. This ease makes companies more likely to use it again and again for an array of occasions. They grab attention instantly and are the perfect choice for great visual impact. The use of fabric creates a high-end appearance in comparison to paper or board options. Some aluminium systems are able to bend, allowing for curved forms, adding to their effectiveness and design. And some are even available with LEDs for a light box effect to maximise graphic exposure. What more do you need?!

Cost effective, long lasting and versatile

Tension fabric stands are a true investment. By simply changing up the fabric skin you can alter the look of your marketing strategy in an instant and at a fraction of the price of other options. The aluminium frame is reusable highly durable too – creating an array of possibilities from 3D banners, to ceiling hung installations, wall banners and floor-standing banners. No matter how you decide to use it, the presentation of your tension fabric stand will always look great.

Perfect for brand recognition

Tension fabric stands are the perfect promotional printing tool. They are a great way to get your company’s name and logo out there. The size and scale of a tension fabric stand allows any company to make people aware of who they are and what they do. It can highlight brand values or a company’s overall story. Whatever it is you are wanting to push, a tension fabric stand can give you what you want!

Sustainable and portable

Unlike other forms of marketing, tension fabric stands are easily packaged, transported from A to B, and assembled on-site. Making them ideal for large format printing to create the ultimate visual impact. Unlike other forms, they are also much more sustainable. The fabric panels can be removed with zero damage, allowing them to be re-used again and again. And, if you no longer require the fabric panel, it is fully biodegradable.

Choose John E Wright for your tension fabric stands 

At John E Wright, we understand the importance of a visual communication tool to create impact and engage customers. Large format printing helps to create that level of impact, and we believe tension fabric stands produce a high-end appearance to add to that impact. Available in different shapes and sizzles, including curves and 3D shapes, we are confident we have the right promotional printing options for everyone.

If you’re in the market for some tension fabric stands and have been inspired by our blog, or if you still don’t know where to start, we would love to hear from you. For more information please don’t hesitate to contact your local office or contact us and we’d be delighted to help you. You can also call our head office on: 0115 950 6633