We have all seen FSDUs in retail stores – the clever thing about them is that, as consumers, we’re not always aware of the effect they have on us! Retail free standing display units (FSDUs) are liberally located around most retail outlets – most often at the end of aisles or by the checkout points of sale.

These display units are highly effective sales and advertising vehicles for retailers – here are some reasons why they are so effective and why retailers should utilise them to their fullest:

A cost effective way to boost sales

Retail free standing display units are extremely cost-effective vehicles for displaying products – they are inexpensive to produce as they are predominantly made from affordable materials such as cardboard and, being free standing, they can be produced in many shapes and sizes so can be made large to accommodate a high number of products.

Another bonus, especially with regards to the growing awareness of, and requirement for, eco-friendly products and materials in the retail marketplace, being made of cardboard, these free-standing display units are recyclable making them environmentally friendly!

Stand alone displays are eye catching

All retail outlets display their products on the many shelves around the facility in a uniform manner – by using retail free standing display units, you can display your products away from the regular shelving and therefore catch the customer’s attention. The shelves on an FSDU can be tilted or angled to present the products more directly at the passing customers therefore grabbing the attention of potential purchasers.

A new platform for marketing messages

Free standing display units are not just effective from a sales aspect – they also provide a great platform for advertising. Effective retail graphics on an FSDU will attract attention to the products as already stated, but this attention can be utilised to reinforce brand images and messages – displaying brand logos and images will reinforce brand awareness for all consumers that see them.

Add extra visibility for promotions

Most retail outlets run regular promotions and special offers to attract customers – these display units are ideal for increasing the numbers of customers who can be informed of these deals and offers. Products simply stacked on the regular shelving will not stand out as anything special or being on offer and therefore won’t attract the same number of sales as they would if prominently displayed on a free-standing display unit.

Portable and lightweight display stands

FSDUs can be extremely versatile – because they are light-weight they are portable and easily positioned in any area of the store. The most effective positions to place your units are at ends of aisles and, of course, by the tills!

A prominent retail point of sale design will encourage those important ‘impulse’ buys as customers queue at the tills to pay – placing these products on stand-alone display units directly in the eye-line of the customers instead of amongst the regular shelving, will make the product ‘jump out’ and attract attention and therefore increase sales!

Retailers will employ a variety of marketing methods in a bid to increase sales in their stores, but few are more effective than prominent retail graphics on free standing display units in increasing brand awareness and selling more products!


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