Since the pandemic, there are been a significant shift in how consumers buy from retailers. Many retailers had to evolve to stay afloat, improving their technologies to offer their customers more at a time of nothing. Since then, the expectations for businesses to up their game further has increased, as many consumers are now looking for more from their shopping experience.

We’ve pulled together some key consumer expectations to give serious strategic consideration to in retail for 2022:

Seamless cross-channel shopping

One of the most successful ways to secure custom is to ensure cross-channel flexibility. Customers are more likely to stay loyal to a retailer who has both physical and online options, widening their search and delivering more flexibility with various options; such as click and collect, or in-app loyalty programmes. However, this does need to be dealt with efficiently, to ensure buying online and returning in-store is easy to do.

Enhanced technology within stores

People still enjoy the in-store experience, so it’s important to keep it stress-free, and ideally technologically savvy. Whether that’s through touch-screens to check stock, or additional ways to pay, or even touch-screens for instant feedback form where you can offer discounts for completing. Shops are a reflection of a brand’s vision, so it’s important that the customer experience is one of the same – creating a memorable brand experience.

Encourage customers to check-in and share

Something as simple as offering free Wi-Fi within your store, with a clear marketing message when they sign in, is a great way to enhance your business. Before they go any further, you can encourage customers to check-in on social media and share updates related to your brand – it’s as simple as a click but it drives awareness to your brand and entices new customers in!

Greater awareness of the environment

Customer loyalty can be as simple as ensuring your retail business is supporting good causes and that sales from your business are enabling customers to make their own positive contributions to society and the environment. Customers will pay more and buy more from a company that offers ethically sourced items or offsets their carbon emissions.

Host events

Events give customers a specific reason to visit your store. Whether it’s a late-night shopping experience, or a free sampling, or even a course of some kind, people will be more likely to buy items whilst in the store, increasing sales and awareness.

Upsell with Signage

Signage is still one of the best options to grow sales within in-store marketing. You can upsell anything, from highlighting package deals, additional savings, seasonal products, or highlighting unknown features of products. Clearly displayed signage makes it easy to market products to customers and drive sales. Retail graphics to consider could be retail free standing display units propped on the ends of aisles or near the till points to entice customers; or shop window graphics to pull customers in for special offers and discounts. 

Choose John E Wright for your retail graphics

For many retailers, embracing digital technologies to enable greater operational agility and richer shopping experiences has opened up a wealth of new opportunities for growth. The pandemic may have been the catalyst, but this is just the beginning. In-store marketing and in-store experiences are still as important as ever to increase visibility for your brand or message. At John E Wright, we understand the importance of retailers upping their game in an ever-increasing technological world. And we understand the importance of in-store signage. We offer a complete design, manufacture, project management and installation service tailored to suit your requirement.

If you’re in the market for some retail graphics, we offer a wide range of signage options including; retail free standing display units, shop window graphics, shop front signs, and sign letters. We also offer company vehicle graphics to get your store recognised on the open road! For more information please don’t hesitate to contact your local office or contact us and we’d be delighted to help you. You can also call our head office on: 0115 950 6633