We’ve come a long way since the invention of the printing press (by Gutenberg back in the 15th century – amazing isn’t it?).  These days it’s possible to print pretty much anything onto pretty much anything – bags, cups, mouse mats, hats, badges – what’s possible is limited more by our imagination than by the available technology!

In this article we’re thinking more about advertising than the avant garde, and we’ll be focussing on printing onto foam boards.  You may not have thought about doing it before, but it’s a very well-established technique now, and many businesses have been doing it for years … begging the question – why?  So let’s look at the answers:

  • first of all they are lightweight, so they’re portable and easy to move around. Good news if you’re advertising at an event or show!
  • this means that it’s easy to secure them to walls and stands etc. with simple adhesives – making them visible – and easy to detach them too.
  • but that all wouldn’t be much use if they weren’t durable too! The material will – if looked after reasonably well – last for ages.  And this means that it’s …
  • value for money. It’s not an expensive way to print, moreover …
  • you can double the reach of your advertising message by printing on both sides if you like!
  • of course, all this is well and good, but what about the imagery? Thankfully our modern printing techniques ensure that the images, text and colour all show up brilliantly.  What’s more you can print a large-scale image directly onto the material, providing an engaging background image for your key branding messages and/or your logo.  We’ll be very happy to show you some wonderful examples

You do need to be aware that a foam board print isn’t waterproof, so although if laminated there will be a moisture barrier minimising bowing and warping, their ideal environment is indoors (which isn’t to say that you can’t use them outdoors – just don’t leave them out in the rain for too long!).  They don’t need framing either, although you can frame them if you like.

So, all in all, foam board printing is an excellent solution for many types of advertising – and you’re in exactly the right place to source them!

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