If you’re looking to produce flyers for an advertising campaign, then it makes sense to do your flyer design online. Thanks to the range of customisable flyer template solutions available at Instaprint, you can design your flyer quickly and easily yourself. Let’s take a look at what will make your flyer stand out.

Getting the visual right

When you choose your flyer template, you’ll find plenty of designs available at different sizes and orientations. Choose one that will work with your content and image. Remember, the visual impact must be spot on. Choose a well-composed, bright image with an arresting subject matter that supports your messaging. Make sure it is 300 dpi, professionally shot and has plenty of contrast for visual impact.

Add your branding

As well as the collateral hero image, make sure you add your company logo and any other brand or campaign devices. If these are to be placed on a coloured background or image, choose a whiteout or plain black version to keep the finished visual clean. Refer to your corporate brand guidelines as necessary here to ensure that your collateral is consistent and on-brand.

Sell the benefits

Get your copy right with a strong header, succinct copy that sells the benefits in a few points, and a clear call to action that is visible and gives different options for the reader to follow up. Use bullet points to keep your copy succinct and remember to proof it carefully for any errors.

Be personal

Use a tone of voice that will resonate with your target audience. Make it personable and friendly. Even corporate services benefit from the ‘human voice’ rather than corporate jargon. Aim to sell your service or product in as simple and as conversational a way as possible.

Choose the right size and stock

A flyer is typically A5 and the paper weight should be at least 160gsm to be of quality. A matt stock is a modern finish, but silk works just as well. If you need advice on the right print finish, then contact Instaprint today, who can help you to get the perfect print.

From this point, all that remains is to double check your online creation, choose your print volume, submit your order and sit back to wait for it to be printed and fulfilled in record time!

So what are you waiting for? With Instaprint, you can make stunning, stand-out flyers today. If you need more printing options, don’t hesitate to contact us!