The marketing arena has greatly changed in recent years with the rise of the influence and importance of the many social media platforms available for companies to market their products and services.  That does not necessarily mean though that, amongst the modern sophisticated and advanced marketing vehicles, there is no longer a place in advertising for some of the more traditional print marketing tools. Take, for example, printed business flyers. Recent surveys have shown that flyer printing has surprisingly positive effects on both individuals and businesses alike, and is still a commonly used and affordable marketing vehicle. Here are some aspects to consider regarding flyer printing when organising your next marketing campaign:

Flyers for Business

As a marketing tool, A5 or A6 flyers are ideal for raising awareness and reinforcing your brand name. These A6 leaflets are a versatile marketing medium. If you are hosting or promoting an event, a specific promotion, or sale, then flyers are an ideal marketing tool, effective in any sector or arena in which your business operates. Businesses such as hairdressers, coffee shops and cafes have been using flyers to boost their trade for many years and now some of the newer business sectors, such as tattoo artists and personal trainers, are following suit to great effect. 

Check Your Volume and Cost

Flyers can be produced in different sizes with A5 and A6 being the most commonly printed. Flyer printing is an affordable and cost-effective form of marketing. The cost of printing will, of course, depend upon the quality and size of paper, the print finishing and number of flyers you want to produce and distribute. You can easily design a flyer online then simply decide on the quantity you need to print. Bear in mind that too many flyers will lead to wasted money, whilst too few will result in potential wasted opportunity to spread your message and promote your event or business.

Ensure A Targeted Distribution

If delivering your business flyers as a door-to-door drop, identify the area you are targeting and calculate the number required, If delivering hand-to-hand, perhaps in a shopping mall or busy street of high footfall, then ensure you have printed enough business flyers and take the opportunity to use the flyers, not just as a vehicle to deliver information, but as an introduction to start a conversation with potential customers/clients.

If targeting specific businesses then deliver direct to each individual premises or, alternately, contact a relevant staff member of the targeted businesses and leave business flyers with them to distribute throughout the company. 

Effective Flyer Printing

You are investing in this marketing method, so ensure that your flyer design delivers the important information succinctly and accurately:

  • Have a clear and concise message. The impact of a flyer is to immediately grab the attention of the recipient. People tend not to take much time viewing marketing materials so ensure your flyer design has an immediate impact visually. Clearly and boldly display the salient information. Bold colours and creative design will help get your message noticed.
  • Personalize your flyer – Ensure your flyer design clearly represents your company and brand. Use company logos and colours associated with your business and use images to reinforce your product or event.
  • Know your audience – Identify exactly which people or businesses you are trying to attract, then ensure that your flyer design displays content that will immediately be of interest to that target audience.

A well thought out flyer printing campaign will be a highly effective marketing tool for your business if accurately researched and design. Business and event flyers are one of the best, affordable, and cost-effective ways to gain more customers for your business. Speak with an established online print supplier. They will advise you on how to design a flyer online and then deliver on whatever volumes of A6 leaflets and flyers you require.  

Choose John E Wright for your business printing

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