It’s important to get your product or services “right in front” of your customers. Exhibitions, trade shows, conferences and other events are an important opportunity to attract new sales and start conversations with valuable contacts.

However, if you’re going to do it, it pays to do it well. Here are just some of the reasons why that means commissioning creative exhibition stand builders.

Maximise your impact and return

First and foremost, making sure your stand provides your organisation with a professional presence at the trade show or conference is vital.

If you’re spending time and money on the event – including paying out for staff time and support materials – using expert exhibition stand builders maximises the return on your investment.

They can also map out the footprint of your stand, to make sure you’re using every centimetre of space wisely and well.

Creative exhibition ideas

The insights of an expert stand designer and builder can also make your presence at the event unmissable, in all the right ways.

This includes providing you with a promotional platform that properly reflects your brand. It can be totally unique to your organisation, colour matched exactly to your corporate colours, and flawless as a marketing and sales platform.

If your brand allows, using a professional stand design and builder could provide extreme creative flair too. Having a stand that’s fun, quirky or even really “out there” means you will get noticed by far more potential customers!

Multi-purpose and versatile stands

Among the other advantages of using professional exhibition stand builders is the chance to create a more versatile system, that lends itself to multiple uses.

For example, you could commission banner stand printing from the same company. These could be integrated into your stand and used as freestanding promotional tools later on.

Or, you could create a modular exhibition stand, with elements you can use for other marketing activities, such as foyer displays.

Having a durable and multi-use stand offers economies of scale over time.

Help with the nuts and bolts

Professional stand builders can also help you with the “nuts and bolts” of exhibition activities. Including making sure your promotional structure meets Health & Safety standards and any guidelines issued by the event organisers.

Not only can they dismantle and re-erect your stand as required, but one of their exhibition services could well be storing the structure and associated equipment for you.

All of this additional support gives your personnel a high level of convenience, and more time to sell and network!

John E Wright

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