Looking for some impactful art for your office or home? Choosing the right photos can give you a nice effect in terms of eye-catching decorations in line with the style of the room they are displayed in.

Transfer those photos on to canvas prints and you have an altogether different proposition. Canvas prints can be real showstoppers. Here, we look at some reasons why:

Preserve the beauty

If you’ve selected some timeless images, perhaps family-related or something encapsulating scenic beauty, you will want to preserve them effectively. Not only do canvas prints bring your work to life, but they also preserve it in the long term, acting as a safeguard against deterioration brought about by age and the elements.

A professional look

There’s a reason why so many offices favour canvas prints over traditionally presented photos, and one reason is their professional appearance. It comes from using less gloss to display the image, which in turn gives a direct and minimalist style in keeping with many of the modern office set-ups in today’s business world.

Ease of editing

Canvas prints can be more customisable. Thanks to the different size variations provided by canvas printing, photos can be edited beforehand and tweaked to suit the exact specifications of the canvas, as well as its background. It is this ability to ‘touch up’ photos for a particular setting that makes canvas prints the most convenient type of wall art printing for many.

Stand out

You will find that canvas prints stand out a lot more than standard photographs, and that isn’t just down to their ability to present images vividly – it also comes down to their dimensions. As they are more three dimensional than traditional photographs, they are offset from the wall by a greater degree, giving them the appearance of ‘springing out’ at the viewer.

Wall art printing should be done carefully, as anything you place in a room you use frequently can affect the overall ambience of the space. Once you’ve hit upon the right images, however, trust canvas printing from Instaprint Nottingham to bring out their character brilliantly.

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