There are countless ways of advertising your products and services – of varying effectiveness – and numerous printed mediums on which to do it.  In one way this is wonderful, as you have so much choice, but in another way it actually makes it harder – how on earth do you decide which is the right method?

Without wanting to give a classic politician’s answer, the fact is that it’s the wrong question.  Or rather, and a little more generously, there is no single right method – it’s “horses for courses” as they say.  The medium you should use will be influenced by a whole range of factors, not least how you want to target your potential customers.  You’ll see that there’s a world of difference between, say, a leaflet drop and a huge poster campaign, or radio advertising, but each of them have their merits.

One clever and rather amusing example of poster or banner advertising was when Wasps Rugby Club moved to Coventry – traditional Leicester Tigers country – from High Wycombe not all that long ago.  The Tigers – somewhat miffed at this encroachment into what they considered to be their territory, put a giant banner outside the new Wasps Stadium saying

tigers v1









Some Wasps fans then used Crowdfunding to pay for a huge banner that was put up in Leicester City Centre as follows:









which was also a small dig at the Tigers who had been knocked out of Europe.

All a bit of fun, but got lots of publicity and made national news.  Now, we can’t claim that  banner advertising will always make national news – bearing in mind that there’s no such thing as bad publicity (or so it is said) – but we can say that a roller banner showing a clear message displayed at the right time in the right place will be seen by lots of people … and then who knows?  So let’s look at some of the advantages:

  • they are inexpensive to produce
  • positioned well – for example outside an exhibition at which you have a stand – and your target clients are almost bound to see it
  • unlike many forms of advertising, the message will stay visible until the banner comes down. Contrast this with radio or TV ads, or online advertising
  • they are very durable, adding to their cost-effectiveness
  • they can be hung or displayed almost anywhere

All this adds up to


There’s no doubt about it – roller banners are highly effective – and you’ve found the best place to find out all about them.  Just think for a moment about the effectiveness of this one:







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