Many people may think that, in this fast-paced, digital age that ‘old-fashioned’ business stationery no longer has a role to play. After all, why spend good money on printed marketing when most businesses these days market their products and services through social media, apps and other such ‘outlets’ – even websites seem a bit obsolete these days!

The fact is, that business stationery printing still has a considerable impact in building business trust and relationships with customers. There is, obviously, a requirement for modern business to utilise the most advanced marketing channels and opportunities, but it doesn’t necessarily ring the death knell for more traditional marketing and advertising vehicles – they can sit alongside the newer marketing functions as a complementary advertising tool.

Here are some reasons why business stationery printing should still be utilised:

Make the most of crucial first impressions

In any ‘face-to-face’ business environment – meetings, business fayres, conferences and networking events – first impressions are still vital.

The ‘tool’ most used in these situations to create that all-important first impression is the humble business card – a staple requirement in business etiquette. Business card printing is still money well spent – surveys show that, in these business situations, over 70 % of people judge a company or person by the quality of their business card! To underline their importance, if you don’t offer, or have, a business card when asked, people automatically judge you – and your business – as ‘unprofessional’ – not the impression you want to give!

Likewise, if you have a ’cheap looking’ business card made from cheap materials, your prospective business associate or customer, will almost certainly consider that everything you produce, or offer, will be of equal poor quality. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to choose the thickest, most expensively-printed card – you should choose a material and design that most accurately reflects your business profile.

Remember, if you’ve attended a networking or business event, after you’ve gone, your business card is the one reminder your potential clients have of the discussions you’ve had with them!

Business stationery is highly cost effective

As an advertising tool, business stationery provides continuous marketing and a ‘personal’ presence. Branded stationery doesn’t have to be expensive and allows you to personalise invoices, quotes, receipts, letterheads and envelopes – every time increasing your brand image when handled or viewed.

You can have other items printed, such as calendars or diaries – items that will form part of a daily routine and reference to your existing and potential customers, so your company name and logo is always present in their everyday business.

Customised business stationery can help clearly identify your business – letterhead printing or business card printing can be vital additions to your overall marketing strategy and sit very comfortably alongside your other ‘more modern’ marketing and branding vehicles.