When you are looking at advertising a new promotion or even the location of your high street store there are many different methods you may consider. One of the most effective methods is the use of a whirlwind sign board due to its flexibility and durability.

Outdoor pavement signs are a great way to introduce the passing public to your brand, and sandwich board advertising is an advertising method that has been in use for many years, but why choose to use a whirlwind sign to advertise your business?

Whirlwind signs are strong and durable

Whirlwind sign boards are strong and durable, they are usually made from robust aluminium frames which provide a rigidity ideal for displaying posters with your most recent promotions.

Whirlwind signs are perfect for the outdoors

Outdoor pavement signs, such as whirlwind signs, have a weighted base that can be filled with sand or water to keep the sign in place during windy weather. Frames also have an anti-glare acetate to keep their contents free from damage at the hands of the rain or the sun.

Whirlwind signs are safe for high footfall areas

Whirlwind sign boards are often placed in areas of high footfall, it is therefore important that the design of the signs are safe. Rounded polished corners help stop accidental bangs and scrapes as people walk past outdoor pavement signs on the high street.

A whirlwind sign offers double the amount of advertising space

This has dual advantage:

  • One side of the sandwich board advertising can be used to promote your brand, or location of your shop, the other side to highlight a recent promotion or new product.
  • Your advertising message can be seen by potential customers that are travelling in either direction, meaning that all passing traffic will see your advertising.

Whirlwind signs are reusable as it’s easy to change your messages

The beauty of a whirlwind sign board is that you can change your marketing messages on as frequent a basis as you like. Posters are simply clipped into the frame meaning you can highlight time limited promotions quickly, easily, and in a cost-effective manner.

A whirlwind sign is portable and easily re-positioned

Outdoor pavement signs are portable and can be moved from location to location outside your store. Whirlwind signs are ideal for pop-up shops to promote their location and can be easily transported around the country, or used in larger stores to promote different promotions in different departments.


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