When choosing the right marketing tools for your business, you have to consider a number of things:

  • Are they a worthy investment? |
  • Are they cost-effective?
  • Will they increase visibility and brand awareness?
  • Will they make your business look more professional?
  • Will they take long to produce?

When it comes to window graphics, the answer to all the above is, yes!

Window graphics are a widely underestimated marketing tool. They are cheap and easy to use, and start working as soon as they are up! But which businesses benefit most from window graphics?

Let’s take a look:

Retail – window graphics can communicate anything

Often referred to as the ‘invisible salesman’, window graphics can communicate anything you want, from discounts and sales, to promoting new products, and even opening times, offering an improved customer experience.

By using brand colours, you can create a complementary graphic to make your shop stand out from the rest, and further enhance your brand awareness.

Restaurants and cafes – window graphics encourage customers to look in

Window decals are perfect for the food industry. Simply having your logo loud and proud on the glass gives people a reason to visit. As well as promotions, and even menu favourites, by having vinyl graphics on eateries, it entices the customer to look in – and once they see what’s on offer, they are more likely to enter.

It’s a great way to stand out from the crowd, promoting what you offer whilst maintaining that professional look! Further expanding your customer base.

window graphic

Offices – window graphics give great brand exposure

If your offices look onto a busy street, you will most certainly benefit from window graphics. The brand exposure alone, allows people to see which business is inside the building.

By using vinyl graphics, people will start to remember your business as they walk past. Another key benefit for offices is privacy. By using frosted window decals, you can cover most of your window – creating the desired privacy and well as piquing interest from passers-by. Believe it or not, this element of privacy usually entices people to come in and see what you have to offer, rather than deter.

It’s also great for glass-walled meeting rooms; creating that element of privacy whilst still being able to see whether the room is occupied or vacant.

Schools and universities – windows graphics give a professional look

Whilst schools and universities aren’t marketing themselves in the same way as retail, restaurants, cafes, and offices, they still benefit from window graphics as they create a more professional and polished look. They can increase brand awareness, and provide a sense of community within certain areas. They can also be used to instruct people to different areas, such as directional stickers to navigate people to different areas in the building.

Any business with windows can benefit from window graphics

As long as you have windows, you can use and benefit from window graphics! As long as you use them to highlight your offering, or create something to attract potential customers, they can make a memorable impact.

When window displays are limited or not possible, this is your chance to really stand out and make your business not only memorable but worth visiting. As long as you use them effectively, you will ensure a greater ROI than other forms of marketing.

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