Advertising and marketing your company and brand is essential for all businesses – but also comes at a cost! There are a number of different ways available to reach out to your target audience and get your brand noticed, but one of the most cost-effective ways is by using large poster printing. Whatever your business is, giant-sized posters will always grab people’s attention if displayed in the right places.

Cheap poster printing is the perfect way to extract maximum impact from your print marketing budget.

What are A0 posters?

A0 posters cab can be produced in various styles and thicknesses. The thickness will depend upon the material you choose to have your poster printed on – you have options for Silk, Gloss, Lamination or Encapsulation. They measure 1189 x 841mm and can be used in all sorts of locations, both indoor and outside.

What are A0 posters used for?

The big advantage of A0 poster printing is their size – they are extra-large and therefore have a real impact. They can be displayed in windows, across products or can be fitted into specific poster holders or frames. If your business is displaying at an exhibition or conference, you can hang them from ceilings – because of their versatility they are perfect to deliver a high impact message in any environment.

What sorts of business would use them?

Most common use is by high street retail stores, whatever their product or merchandise. You will often see them used for highlighting particular shop displays, or departments, and as a strong visual ‘prompt’ at points of sale in stores. The A0 poster size lends itself to perfect use at venues such as theatres and cinemas, advertising current and upcoming productions/features. Businesses that have large display areas or windows, such as vehicle branding, caravan or furniture showrooms can make ideal use of these posters.

A0 posters are perfect for making that initial impression and fulfilling that important task of grabbing a potential customer’s attention – if your business is undertaking a promotion of any kind, or trying to raise awareness of a particular event, then A0 posters are the ideal vehicle to inform the public of your event or promotion, and to reinforce your brand image.  


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