Every business is always looking for ideas on how to market their products or service and often spend considerable amounts of money on different marketing vehicles to boost their company brand. One of the most effective – and affordable – options is foam board printing.

Foam display boards are portable, lightweight, reusable and versatile enough to be used in a host of different business and retail environments. Here are some features and advantages of this form of sign printing:

Business fayres and conferences

The whole purpose of displaying at a conference or business fayre is to attract attention and potential new business to your brand and product – foam boards are an ideal marketing tool to catch the eye of conference attendees as they approach your stand.

A custom designed foam board displaying your logo and/or company slogan can make your display stand out from the mass of other businesses vying for attention. Thoughtful, strategic placement of your foam boards – entry ways, areas of high footfall – will add to the appeal and draw attention and people to your display.  

Price lists

The prime things everybody wants to know about any product are what it is, what does it do and, very importantly, how much does it cost!

These are the questions you will be repeatedly asked – so using foam board printing, you can display your product options and features, as well as the price, to pre-inform your potential customers. This clear and concise displaying of this information could help potential customers choose your product before they even speak to you about it!   

Presentations and lectures

Many businesses performing presentations and lectures of their product or service will, these days, use a lot of modern technology to convey their message – computer displays, projectors and such. There is, however, still very much a place for the more ‘traditional’ display materials, either accompanying the modern techniques or, indeed, instead of, where the other facilities may not be available. Display board printing can create portable visual aids that can be viewed in any environment, even outdoors.

Aisle markers

Foam board printing can provide signage of any size – and the lightweight material is extremely versatile!

Foam boards look great hanging from a ceiling, offering a clear view of the information contained away from other signage from business competitors that may be present. Another advantage of using sign printing in this way is that it frees up valuable floor space that may be better used in that environment – especially in retail.

Set design

The versatility of the foam material allows display board printing of any size, so can be highly effective in creating signage to fill ‘awkward’ or oddly shaped spaces. You can create stunning wall murals and displays – and, importantly, with a relatively inexpensive outlay!  

As you can see, there are many uses of – and reasons for – considering foam board printing as a marketing vehicle for your business. Display board printing is highly effective both in impact and cost!


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