Firstly, the simple answer – a FSDU is a free standing retail display unit – a flexible and versatile retail display that will highlight any of your store’s products or promotions!

An affordable retail display solution, usually made of cardboard, these retail free standing display units offer practical product storage and bespoke advertising space combined with a professional quality retail in-store advertising tool that encourages sales and enhances your brand name and image.

The point of point of sale display stands

In every retail outlet, the point of sale is an important part of the store – it’s where customers pay for their buys and, crucially, where they will often queue to be served. This is the point at which an eye-catching retail point of sale design will grab the attention of your waiting customer and encourage those important ‘impulse’ buys that swell the basket contents they are about to pay for!

Benefits of an FSDU

Free standing display units are highly effective in maximising customers awareness of in-store offers and promotions, thus increasing sales. They are inexpensive to design and produce but offer a professional and engaging marketing option – they are lightweight, easy to assemble and portable.

They can be tailored and designed to deliver bespoke, individual messages of your products or promotions throughout your retail premises.

Raise customer awareness with the best position

Consider where best to position your FSDU – a usual retail free standing display unit will be between one and two metres in height and can vary greatly in shape and format, so decide on positions within your store that are most likely to catch your customers’ eyeline and therefore attention.

You want your important marketing message or offer to entice customers to buy your product – so ensure the design and position of your display units are carefully considered and strategically placed.

Lightweight and easy to move

Often, FSDUs will be made of lightweight materials, making them portable and easy to reposition. This flexibility helps if you want to move your marketing message around your retail premises depending upon its’ layout – but ensure that the products you intend to advertise this way are suitable and appropriate for this form of marketing.

Maximise your display with a bespoke design

You want to show your products in their best light and to draw maximum attention to their message – consider the retail graphics and design aspects of your FSDU to create a unique and bespoke retail point of sale design and use strategic in-store lighting to help highlight your product promotion.

Speak to your design team about creating a high impact display for retail environments.

Enhance your brand image

Retail free standing display units are great marketing vehicles to promote and enhance your brand image and name. You can customise your FSDU with appropriate retail graphics that reflect and echo your brand identity and the products these units are promoting – use established company colours and images that are featured in the rest of your marketing materials to create a recognisable and lasting impression on your customers.