… That which we call a poster by any other name would look as good …

Ok, we know, it’s a rather inelegant corruption of the famous quote, but it serves our purpose … posters, you see, are not just art in themselves (the good ones, anyway), but there’s an art behind creating them.  We hesitate to say “science”, not because Professor Brian Cox would almost certainly disapprove but because it implies a technique more objective and measurable than it is.

Look at this iconic poster, which we’re all familiar with









Good isn’t it?  Impactful, clear, and with a very definite (indeed, unavoidable) “call to action”.  Are these the characteristics that make up the perfect poster?  Let’s see what the experts say. “A good poster is not just tacking a standard research paper on poster board,” says Kathryn Tosney, PhD, a neurobiologist and chair of the biology department at the University of Miami who created a poster-making guide to help her own students. “An effective poster helps you engage colleagues in conversation and gets your main points across to as many people as possible.”

  1. The title is all important. Make it a simple yet effective message, and don’t provide too much detail that will only detract from that message
  2. Emphasise the graphics. A picture paints a thousand words, and stands out
  3. Avoid clutter. Less is more in poster design
  4. Three colours. Dark colours against a white background are best, and not too many colours to avoid overload
  5. Spacing. Don’t cram your poster full – leave a border or some white space for clarity
  6. Think about symmetry. We have an aesthetic preference for symmetry – let’s play on that
  7. Be readable rather than clever. People read top to bottom then left to right – make sure your poster is designed for your reader’s eyes
  8. Have a call to action. What do you want the reader to do when they see your poster?

A well designed poster will provide an immediate and memorable prompt to the reader to do something positive – it is perhaps the most effective visual communications tool of them all.

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