Everyone loves a wedding! There is, these days, a variety of wedding services and celebrations you can choose from.  Whilst many still favour the traditional, formal church ceremonies, there are now many alternatives in regards to venues, styles and formats of wedding ceremonies. Whichever style of wedding you favour, it is always necessary to extend a courtesy to your guests to inform them of exactly what the day will compose of, and the ‘running order’, as such, of how the ceremony will unfold.

The best way to do this is to create Order of Service booklets for your guests. These booklets detail the agenda for the ceremony and day, as well as acting as a keepsake for your guests of the happy occasion.

Different wedding ceremony rituals

Depending on the specific culture, religious faith, belief or otherwise, of the intended couple, the wedding ceremony will have different aspects and rituals included. They will typically include readings and musical selections, perhaps poetry and ritual candle lightings – they will nearly all, though, include some common elements.

Here are the options you may want to include as a basis, when considering your Order of Service printing:  


This is the initial bridal party marching down the aisle.

Bridal march

This is one of the highlights of any wedding ceremony – the entrance of the bride from the back of the church/hall/venue down the aisle and to the ceremony service site.


Whoever is officiating the service welcomes the couple, the bridal party and the guests.

Exchange of vows

Whatever vows, or intents, the couple have decided upon are exchanged in committal to one another.

Exchange of rings

Not mandatory, but a common ritual in Western culture marriages, the exchange of wedding rings between the couple.


The ceremony officiant declares the couple as formally married – usually followed by the ‘official’ first kiss of the married couple.


Accompanied by a chosen piece of music, the newly-married couple and the wedding party exit back up the aisle and away from the ceremony point.

Your ceremony may include some family traditions – perhaps particular songs or prayers – but it is up to the couple to decide, along with their ceremony officiant, exactly what they want featured in their wedding. When creating your Order of Service, ensure you include the song titles being featured and the names of any guest readers or musical performers who may be participating in the ceremony. It is a good idea to have ushers, or other ceremony officials, hand out the Orders of Service to wedding guests as they arrive at the venue.

Whatever form of ceremony you decide upon, printed Order of Service booklets will allow your guests to more fully participate in your special day! 


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