Amongst the myriad of advertising tools and vehicles available to businesses these days are the tension fabric options. Their ease of use and versatility have quickly established them as a desirable signage display for use at exhibitions and business events.

Here are some details as to how they work and their application:

What is tension fabric?

Very simply put, it is just what it says – a fabric cover stretched over a rigid frame, creating a tense canvas! The tension fabrics can be made from a few different materials and all are designed to fit over different style frames.

The most popular material used for banners and tension display stands is the polyester tension fabric. This is a synthetic material and is commonly used because of its’ durability and versatility. It holds its colour extremely well, even in bright sunlit conditions and when washed in cold water between uses. The lightweight nature of the material also make tension banners easily portable.

What is the printing process on tension fabric?

Tension fabrics are printed on using a subliminal dye printing process – that is, ink being transferred into the material through a heat press as opposed to being printed directly “on” to the material surface. The fabric and the print are completely dry when exiting the press, therefore avoiding any ink dotting or spreading, which can occur with other ink-printing processes.

The faster the ink dries, the sharper and clearer the images will turn out.

The set up of a tension fabric stand

A tension display stand usually consists of an aluminium frame that simply fits together. The aluminium tubing is available in different shapes and designs, and the tension fabric is stretched over the frame, naturally assuming that specific shape. Most tension fabrics have hook and loop straps incorporated making it quick and easy to ‘lock’ onto the frame securely. In some instances, you can order tension fabrics with ‘pole pockets’ built-in, allowing them to be used with any form of pole setup.

Extra features of tension fabric stands

There are a number of practical benefits to using a tension fabric stand – they are made of long lasting, durable materials and they hold their vivid, sharp colours and images very well, over time.  They are reusable as they are machine washable (in cold water) and they are lightweight and portable – and they offer limitless branding and advertising possibilities.


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