We want to take you on a journey.  You’re in the lovely city of Paris.  It’s a beautiful sunny day.  You’re walking along the Seine with the fabulous Notre Dame Cathedral behind you.  Before too long you cross through a courtyard and there, in front of you, is the Louvre.  You stand and admire the architecture, also taking in the great glass pyramid, and contemplating the wonderful paintings and sculptures you’re about to see when you go inside.

Now imagine you’re about to see exactly the same paintings and sculptures but they’ve been moved during a flood to higher ground, and they’re inside a giant warehouse near the airport.

I don’t want to tempt fate here by the way!

The question is – do you feel any differently about what you’re going to see before you go inside?  Now, you might think we’re stretching a point a little, but the same thing applies to envelope design.  How motivated are you to open a plain white envelope with nothing on it?  (We won’t even ask about brown envelopes, so loved by our income generating authorities).  The point about an attractively printed envelope is that even before it’s opened it’s already creating a positive image, making you want to open it and beginning to enhance your brand.

So what are the ingredients for a great envelope design?

Well, we think it’s pretty simple.  Don’t make it boring!  Yes we know your specially designed envelope is only in your client’s hands for a few seconds before it goes straight in the bin, but we want them enthused before they open it, not to mention enthused enough to pick it up.

We’ve said it so many times – you only make a first impression once, so make it a good one!

Add some essential details to your envelopes – logo, company name, address, website perhaps (shouldn’t that be mentioned everywhere?) – have a sprinkling of colour (it won’t cost you the earth) – and maybe even a couple of small images to add some impact.

Use good quality paper (we tend to use 90 gsm) and think carefully before yo choose brown!

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