So your project has been completed and you’re now faced with the daunting task of presenting it. To ensure you highlight all your project’s attributes, you’re going to want to ensure that your display board is as good as possible. Here, we’ve picked out some key techniques to keep in mind that will help you make your display board stand out …

It’s in the planning

Planning your board is essential if you really want to make it sing. Simply by taking the time to mock up your board on a sheet of paper could make all the difference. This will help you make determinations when it comes to using your available space. Make sure you list all the elements you will need to type up and any photos you may need to print. That way you can be positive that you won’t miss anything out when it comes to bringing the elements together on your display board.

Get the size right

Knowing the size limitations is essential before you start work on your display board. Our display boards come in a range of sizes starting with A3 and going up to 2x A2, so pick the size that’s best for your project. Think about the scope of your display: you don’t want your board to be too tall or too crowded, and you don’t want to have too much information stuck at the bottom of the board that’s hard to read.

The perfect title

The title is probably the first aspect of your board people are going to see, so it should be catchy and interesting without sacrificing any accuracy. It’s a good idea to make your title stand out so that it can be seen from a significant distance. Don’t choose a font that’s hard to read either, a solid bold font with a splash of colour is often the way to go when designing your title.

Tell the story

Only you fully understand your project from the very start until the finish, so in order to make a viewer understand it too, you’re going to want to tell the story of your project in a well thought out and compelling way. You should be thinking about taking the viewer on a journey, that way your display board will be more engaging and your project will stay in their mind.

Our selection of display boards in Nottingham can help you stop worrying about what your project is going to look like and help you start physically mapping out your presentation. So if you’ve got a presentation coming up, now might be the perfect time to get to work on your display board.  Instaprint can help you with this process: contact us or call us today on 0115 895 0130 for expert help and guidance and how we might be able to help you create the best display boards in Nottingham.