One of the best ways for a business to communicate with its’ clients and customers is the use of a complimentary slip. Businesses, both small and large, use compliment slips on a daily basis – they are a professional way of acknowledging, and communicating with, your valued customers or clients.

They are ideal for responding quickly and informally to a client request or communication, and can form a vital part of your overall corporate communication plan.

Here are some of the benefits of including compliment slip printing in your overall corporate business stationery printing requirements:    

What all compliment slips should include

Company branding

Whatever design or content you include on your printed compliment slips should accurately reflect your brand. Design customised compliment slips that include an element that is unique to your brand or business and is instantly recognizable as you!

A simple design

There is limited space on your compliment slip design, so make the most effective use of it by keeping any content short, simple and to the point! Make any wording concise, relevant and meaningful.

Quality print materials

Use quality materials – using quality paper will make the slip more tactile, as well as being a reflection on yourself and your business. Quality stationery will suggest quality in other aspects of your business or service.

Present easy to read information

You want your compliment slip design to have an impact and convey your important information – ensure that it is easy and pleasant to read.

What your compliment slip should achieve

Help clients feel valued

When presenting a professional image and service, as most companies strive to do, it is easy to appear impersonal and cold into the bargain. Whilst you want to maintain that professional exterior, you also need to show your regular clients and/or providers that you value their custom and the relationship you have with them is a personal one. Compliment slips are a great vehicle to establish a genuine connection, on a personal level, between yourself and a client.

A simple hand-written “thank you”, or “speak to you soon”, demonstrates that you’ve taken the time to personally deal with this particular client and acknowledged them on an individual basis. This kind of gesture is both simple and important – it helps clients feel appreciated and builds the personal relationship that, in turn, breeds stronger business loyalty further down the line.

Reinforce your branding

As with the rest of your business stationery, your compliment slip design should follow your brand identity across all print marketing. Any complimentary slip you send should carry the corporate logo and colouring that all other marketing and advertising materials your company uses. Don’t risk using a blank piece of paper to send to a client or customer – they can be easily dismissed, ignored and lost – using a compliment slip reinforces your brand and ensures your important contact details are visible and easily accessible for whenever your client needs to contact you.

A personal touch

We mentioned earlier how complimentary slips provide a vehicle for a more personal communication – this is true not only as business stationery tool in itself, but also as a means to personalise some of the more every day, formal business communications. If you are dispatching other business documents, such as contracts, invoices, catalogues to a client, then the inclusion of a hand-written compliment slip personalises the dispatch. You can use it to ‘introduce’ the accompanying document and encourage feedback on, or enquiry about, its’ contents. 

Re-market with special offers

Your compliment slip design could include a space to promote special offers or discounts for you to personalise and offer to selected customers. These handwritten messages and offers can further enhance the feeling of a customer being preferred, and part of something exclusive, thus furthering the professional relationship on a personal basis. 

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