NCR stands for ‘No Carbon Required’. In relation to NCR booklets, the NCR part of the booklet is the paper used to transfer information that has been imprinted on the top sheet of paper to other sheets of paper underneath. Printed NCR forms are the perfect solution for companies who need multiple copies of information in the day-to-day running on their business. Unlike the old carbon-paper, NCR sheets can accurately transfer information imprinted on the top sheet onto multiple sheets with little-to-no mess. So how exactly does it work and when should you use NCR pad printing? Let’s take a look:

How do NCR forms work?

Each NCR piece of paper has reactive clay on the top and ink particles on the bottom. So, when pressure is applied to the top sheet, the ink and clay react with one another, creating an outline on the top of each subsequent piece of paper. Creating the perfect replica of the top sheet.

How are NCR forms supplied?

Unlike carbon paper which was a loose piece of paper that you physically moved between sheets of paper, NCR booklets are glued together in sets, or parts. This makes them easier to separate for use as well as easier to store when not in use. At John E Wright, we have 2-part, 3-part or 4-part sets. And these sets can be padded into sets of 50, and include a writing shield to prevent you from imprinting through too many sets of paper. The top pieces of paper are easily torn out to give to the customer whilst the remaining copies are kept securely together for record keeping. In fact, you can tear out the whole set if you choose to store your papers elsewhere.

When would you use NCR forms?

Printed NCR forms are the perfect choice for transactions between parties, whether it’s the sale of high value goods, such as a car or TV, or whether it’s as part of a tenancy agreement. NCR booklets create perfect receipts for purchases, where both parties can retain exact copies of the transaction. The same applies with contracts between people and businesses; as both parties can have an exact copy of what was agreed. The size of them means they are great for using on-the-go, so jobs like door-to-door sales, breakdown services, or estate agents find them particularly useful as they can easily be used outside of the office, whilst still retaining professionalism.

NCR pad printing is the perfect choice if you are needing to maintain records from everyday transactions within your business. The forms can be tailored to your needs, creating unique designs to suit your business requirements; including your company name, logo, and contact details so they are easily identifiable to you and your company.  The size of the sets makes them very portable so you can always have some to hand. And with multiple copies, there is little need for a larger, heavier, more expensive equipment, such as a photocopier.

If you’re looking to purchase some printed NCR forms for your invoice books, delivery notes, order pages, receipt pads, or any other forms where you might need duplicate, triplicate or quadruplicated copies, check out our 2-part, 3-part, or 4-part sets. And if you want to discuss your requirements, or talk to us about our design service, simply use our contact form to send your questions through to our sales team. Or alternatively, call our head office on: 0115 950 6633.