You’ve decided that you need a sign to promote your products and services … but how do you go about getting the right one?  And what does “right” mean, anyway?  If you’ve never had one made before then you may not know where to start! In this article we’ll give you some advice, and explain when vinyl signs work best.

The questions that you need to ask

Before making any decisions, ask yourself these simple questions:

  • will the sign be located indoors or outdoors (where it will be exposed to the vagaries of the weather, temperature changes and so on)?
  • how long-lasting do you want the sign to be (i.e. for as long as it survives, or on temporary display or for a fixed contract period)?
  • what will the sign be mounted on (an existing sign perhaps, or a wall or a window, or fixed to a post)?

Vinyl signs are the perfect solution when you are looking to place the sign on an existing structure, as they are self-adhesive and can be stuck onto virtually any surface (including Octanorm (the modular exhibition display system).

First, a quick word about PVC

Everyone is probably familiar with the acronym – Poly Vinyl Chloride – as it is one of the most widely produced and used plastic polymers in the world!

Don’t worry – it’s not going to be a Chemistry lesson – we just wanted to point out that amongst its many and varied characteristics – which contribute to its popularity – it is water resistant, and thus waterproof!  Let’s move on …

What sort of options do you have? 

Depending very much on your requirements (see the questions above) you have a number of options, which cater for many different scenarios:

  • standard 5mm soft-centred foamboard – balancing quality with value for money
  • standard 3mm PVC board – for high durability
  • presentation 5mm soft-centred foamboard – high quality (170gsm) photo satin paper (which can also be matt laminated), dry mounted onto the board – giving photographic quality
  • presentation 3mm PVC board – high durability AND photographic quality

If you’re not sure which option is the best for you, please get in touch and we’ll be very happy to advise you.

Can you have very high quality graphics on your vinyl signs?

You most certainly can, yes, using our state-of-the-art environmentally-friendly digital printing capabilities.

So what do you need to do to get the most wonderful vinyl signs? 

It’s really simple. Visit the dedicated section on our site, look at the options available (size, material, delivery time etc.) and you can place your order on-line in a matter of minutes …

… and before we forget, if you already have the artwork you can simply upload it and we’ll take care of the rest, or if you haven’t we can even get it done for you – by first-class designers.

Or give us a call? 

If you’d prefer to talk to one of our friendly and expert team, or have some questions, please call us any time on 0115 895 0125

… and we’ll aim to delight you!