Weddings, as anyone involved in, or had to pay for, will attest, takes an awful lot of planning! There are so many different aspects to consider and organise. One of those major considerations is the wedding stationery printing required – whereas a lot of people don’t, initially, look beyond the actual wedding invitations themselves, there is a myriad of other stationery requirements to take into account.

Here is a list of the sort of stationery requirements you must consider: 

Save the date cards

These are, effectively, ‘pre-invitation’ invitations! Having set the date for the impending nuptials, you’ll want to ensure that all you are inviting to share your special day will be available to do so. Ideally, you will want to send these out 6-8 months before the actual wedding. At this stage, it’s likely that you won’t have finalised a lot of the wedding day details, but that’s okay – these are merely a notification of the date, or dates if these is a ‘wedding weekend’ with different events, that you want your guests to keep clear. 


On to the most important piece of wedding stationery – the wedding invitation! Any wedding invitation should include the important details – the date, time, and venues for the ceremony and receptions details. This piece of stationery though should be more than just a list of details and instructions – when it comes to wedding invitation printing, you should ensure that you allow enough time to sit down with your designer/printer early enough to choose the design, layout, textures and colours of the invitation, and that they should be fully completed and printed to send out about 6 weeks before the wedding itself.   

Invitation inserts

Very often, people like the wedding invitation itself to feature relevant photographs or images, and therefore reducing the amount of space for text or information. One way around that is to include an ‘insert’, which may then feature more of the detail for the event – such as travel and accommodation arrangements. This is also a good vehicle to, perhaps, include a link to a possible wedding website, which holds all the details of the event online.

RSVP cards

Many couples like to send RSVP cards to their invited guests – this gives them the opportunity to confirm their attendance – or otherwise – and provides an opportunity to ask guests for other information – for example, a choice of entrée for the wedding meal and so on. The inclusion of a stamped addressed envelope for the RSVP card normally ensures that people are more prompt in sending back their response.

Ceremony order of service

These programs typically contain information of the format for the day, along with wedding party’s ‘officiates’ and family member’s names and other associated information.

Name place cards

These are the cards everybody looks for first when attending the wedding breakfast or reception. The escort cards will tell everybody which table they are seated at and, on arrival at the table itself, the place cards will highlight their designated seat.

Menu cards

Quite simply, these cards inform the guests of the wedding fare they are about to indulge in!


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