Weddings are always a special occasion, but they are also a very personal one. Planning your wedding can be a time to get creative and allow your individual taste to shine through. That said, there are certain elements which normally need to be included in order for the occasion to progress smoothly.

Wedding invitations are one of the most important initial tasks to be completed. With many people having packed schedules and a heavily booked social diary, ensuring your invitation is delivered in sufficient time to maximise the chances of attendance is vital. Although the wording of the invitation can be customised according to the type of wedding you want, there are certain pieces of information that are vital if your invitation is going to achieve its aim. Detailed below is a summary of what has to be included, along with some top tips for ensuring your wedding invitation cards have the wording you need.

What must be included in a wedding invitation

At its most basic, there are six elements which need to be included in your wedding invitation printing:

  • The names of the people hosting the wedding
  • The names of the people to be married
  • The fact the invitation is for a wedding
  • The location of the ceremony
  • The time of the ceremony
  • A date by which people need to respond.

To get the wording right for each part, it’s important to consider what type of wedding yours might be and ensure that the invitation fits with it. For example, a traditional wedding is hosted by the bride’s parents, so the invitation would read along the lines of “Mr and Mrs John and Jane Smith request the pleasure of your company at the wedding of their daughter, Julie Rose to Edward Joe”. More modern weddings may be hosted by the couple themselves, or by someone else.

Add additional information and graphics if required

Provided you have the basic pieces of information on the wedding invitation, the rest can be left up to you. Whether you opt for additional wording, illustrations or even a poem, wedding invitations are a great opportunity to showcase your wedding style.

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