In the course of your driving life, you’ve probably seen thousands and thousands of vinyl lettered signs on vehicles advertising a variety of businesses and services. There’s a good reason for this, vinyl letters are a comparatively affordable way of advertising to a large number of people.

Think about how many cars and pedestrians you pass on your average journey, they’re all people who will see your vehicle branding. That’s why vinyl lettering for cars makes sense.

To get the best results though, you need to do it right. Here are three top tips to help you.

Vinyl letting for cars – the font you choose matters

Remember that you want to spread your message to people while the vehicle is moving as well as while it’s stationary, which means that you need a font that’s going to be simple and easy to read configured into a concise yet informative message.

Ideally if possible it should be boiled down to your business name, which ideally gives an indication of the service you offer, as well as a contact number. No more. We live in a connected world, so as long as interested customers know your name they can search out your details at a later date.

Pro tip – avoid serif fonts

A serif font is any font where the letters have a little extra bit poking out at the ends of the letter. In many places they look fine, but when it comes to printed vinyl the small pieces of extra print will be the first to bit to peel – though you can expect your vinyl lettering to look great for a few years at least.

To stand out colour contrast is key

Think about all the signs you’ve seen lately, not just on cars. When was the last time you saw a dark coloured text against a dark background? Or light text on a light background? You haven’t, and there’s a very good reason, it’s because it’s difficult to read.

Always keep in mind people will be seeing your message at a glance. If they have to squint to make out your message, the truth of the matter is they either won’t see it or won’t bother. A baby blue font on a white car might look nice when stationary, but it will be impossible to read while the car is moving.

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