Businesses of all kinds and sizes will spend money on some form of advertising to help promote their product or service. Often, these marketing costs can prove to be substantial, so it is important to use your marketing budget effectively and get the best possible results for your money spent.

Many businesses will require the use of corporate vehicles, be it a ‘one-man band’ plumber or a multi-national freight company – and these vehicles can be a massively effective source of advertising for your business.

Wrapping your vehicle with vinyl vehicle graphics turns your company van into a giant, mobile advertising hoarding being seen by all wherever the vehicle goes– even when parked, or waiting at traffic lights, it is displaying your company message and brand!

Here are some reasons to consider making use of van signwriting for your business:

Mobile Advertising

Van signage is a unique mobile advertising tool – a van graphics installation will promote your business wherever it is seen. It is one of the most effective forms of advertising as it has the potential to reach hundreds of people every time your corporate vehicle leaves your premises.

Van signwriting allows people of all ages and demographics to see your marketing – most advertising campaigns will be designed for specific targets, as the cost of producing marketing materials can be restrictive – van graphics installations can, and will, be seen by people from a hugely diverse spectrum across a whole host of locations.

Cost Effective

Van signage is a very cost effective form of advertising – once applied, it is durable and hard wearing, and will last for as long as you need it.

Considering the number of people it will reach, there is no other form of advertising that is more affordable on a cost-per-head basis! There is also the added benefit of the van signage actually protecting your vehicle whilst promoting your business – the paintwork underneath will be preserved in its’ original condition the entire time your van signwriting is applied, thus helping maintain the vehicle value.

Flexible Options

You can choose to cover your entire van or just part of it – and van graphics installations can be applied to any sized vehicle, so even a small advertising budget can take advantage of the opportunity.

Bespoke Advertising

There are a myriad of designs, graphics, colours and images that can be incorporated into your van graphics installation. You can produce your own design, built around your corporate name, logo and colours, or you can work with the van signage company and their design team to produce the perfect, professional imagery you want to best represent your business.

Whether you are a small to medium business, with one or two vehicles, or whether you have a fleet of trucks and vans, you can take advantage of van signwriting to generate more business and promote your company to a host of potential customers or clients.


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