NCR – No Carbon Required – pads are the modern printing replacement for the old fashioned, and somewhat messy, blue carbon paper pads that were used to make duplicate copies of certain documents or forms.

NCR printing creates pads with each sheet of the pad coated to enable transfer of any information written on the front, directly onto the sheets beneath creating multiple copies on one form. The business retains one sheet for their files whilst providing duplicate copies for the customer and other relevant parties. NCR printing is normally done in 2-part or 3-part sets and can be produced in different colours – the top sheet always being white and subsequent sheets in other colours in order to distinguish between the relevant recipients of each sheet.

The uses of NCR pads

They are used by many businesses, especially those in industries such as retail, catering and construction.  Indeed, any business environment where there is a requirement for instant multiple copies of an original document to be produced can make use of NCR printing.

Typical documents that lend themselves to NCR pads are: 

Invoice books

In any retail environment there is a requirement for an invoice, or bill, to be presented to a purchaser. They record the item sold, the date and price and, in some instances, which employee has performed the transaction.


The receipt is the mirror document to the invoice – it contains the same information as the invoice, but is issued after the transaction is complete, whereas the invoice is issued prior to the transaction. Both receipts and invoices are used in accounting to record and evidence sales transactions to verify requests and receipts for payment.

Workplace accident forms

These are important documents and are a mandatory requirement in any school or workplace. They are used for recording accidents, incidents, illnesses and injuries that have occurred on the premises – duplicates are required as evidential proof of the incident details and the people involved.

Delivery notes

Often found with goods being transported between locations, these documents will itemise the specific objects being transported and act as a checklist at both points of departure and arrival.

Purchase orders

Commercial documents outlining types, quantities and agreed prices for products or services are common business documentation and a good example of NCR documents.

Agreement forms

Legal documents where it is necessary for a party to sign and agree to Terms and Conditions or similar. These sort of documents are often produced in duplicate books or continuous forms.

Invoice books and duplicate books are typically supplied as stapled, spine-taped and perforated, which allows your office copies to be retained in one place in the book for safe storage and easy reference.

Continuous forms can be supplied with detachable sprocket holes on either side and can be fed through dot matrix printers.

NCR printing can be done in single colour, spot or full colours, allowing you to produce personalised stationery to match your other business designs and present these forms as branded, and professional documents to your customers.


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