Everybody has, at some time, been down their high street and seen pavement advertising – A- boards set out in their path, highlighting a specific business, product or event. Otherwise known as sandwich board signs, these are an easy and affordable way to advertise your business. They are durable and sturdy, making them ideal for use both indoors and outside, even in inclement weather (which makes them quite handy in Britain!). They are easy to install – simply place your A-frame outside of your premises at the start of business and fold them up and return them indoors at the end of the day! This ease of use also makes them a portable and versatile advertising vehicle for your business. Here are some of the more common uses for an A-board pavement sign:

Safety Sign

A-board signs can be used for warning passers-by of potential hazards or temporarily dangerous or restricted areas. I’m sure we’ve all been in supermarkets or public buildings where one of these signs are warning people away from a spillage of some kind, or to warn us off dangerous surfaces and such in that area.

Promotional Signs

The most common use of a sandwich board sign is promotional advertising of a retail shop, or local business with a storefront. Its’ intention is to alert and inform passing potential customers, usually of specific offers available inside, and to try to steer footfall traffic inside their premises. Ensure that the information is displayed in such a way as to be eye-catching and concise – the idea is to attract people’s attention and get them to enter your premises to either take advantage of the promotion or, at least, obtain more information for a potential future visit.

Directional Signage

A-Frame boards are often used to direct people in certain situations. They act as a visible navigation tool, using both words and symbols (arrows etc.) to direct people in a specific direction. For example, you’ll often see them in places like car parks and garages, informing of available spaces and the direction in which to navigate the area.

Event Management

They are ideal for use at conferences and events or any environment in which temporary signage and organisation is needed. They can be used to highlight sign-in or registration facilities and to guide attendees to specific areas, or in a certain direction to particular rooms or displays. The A-frame provides a simple and effective solution to the often chaotic environment of event management.

Restaurants & Cafes

You will often see A-board pavement signs used outside restaurants and cafes, highlighting daily specials or menus and specific promotions. As well being placed outside to draw attention to the menu, daily specials and offers, they can be placed indoors to display both a greeting and, on the reverse, a parting, appreciative message to the customers which adds to their sense of good customer service.

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