Posters make great marketing material for events, displays and adverts. However, getting the creative juices flowing to build a masterpiece can take the wind out of your sails and a poor poster can damage potential customer sales. If that’s the case, then using poster design templates can get you started and help ensure that all the key information goes in the right places.

Poster design templates: Create a perfect poster design

With our poster templates, you’ll find everything you need in a range of styles. They can help you create the perfect piece of art and messaging to highlight your event or product and get customers interested.

The key ingredients of a great poster are to have a captivating headline, a bold image, the correct details clearly visible, plus a strong call to action. The headline has to explain what the poster means in clear terms, getting the key focus of your product or event over in as few words as possible, so it can be displayed in the largest possible lettering to capture attention. A long headline will appear on your poster in smaller font, be less easy to read and will not be as visible or captivating.

A bold image can help back up the message in the headline, and it can also capture attention in its own right. Use a simple photo or piece of artwork to have the most impact; if the art is too subtle or complicated then people might be put off or confused. Try to ensure the art and headline work together to broadcast your message.

The details need to focus on where, when, who and what. If it’s a time-specific event, then those times need to be very clear. Using an event poster template you can successfully promote the occasion, but only if you get the details right. If it’s a special offer, then you need to highlight what the deal is, how long it is on for and where people can get it.

By telling people what they need to do using a clear and strong call to action, such as ‘book/sign up now’, ‘register here’ or ‘call for details’, they are more likely to respond than if you use fluffy language or try to leave it to their imagination. Whatever your poster design and printing needs, get in touch to see how we can help.

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