Businesses, especially in the retail sector, are constantly searching for different ways to attract more custom and to gain an edge over their high-street rivals. They employ many varied marketing and advertising tools to catch the attention of the consumer out and about – and one of the growing trends is the use of floor graphics!

Floor signs are clever and subtle – they are easy to install, are cost effective and most importantly, they get your brand noticed!

They can be creative, artistic and fun and the floor is a very effective canvas to work with! Here are some reasons for consolidating the use of floor graphics as part of your marketing plan or strategy:

Interesting and eye-catching creative floor advertising

An interesting and eye-catching floor graphic not only encourages people to visit your store, thus boosting potential sales, but they also garner attention in other ways. If you can get people to interact with your floor graphic, then these people will see it as a conversation piece and tell others about it – thus boosting your marketing appeal beyond the immediate site your graphic is displayed!

Floor signs work really well in high footfall traffic areas – places like shopping precincts and malls, storage spaces and warehouses. Floor decals are extremely hard-wearing and durable – as well as being a relatively inexpensive marketing tool for your business to employ. They can be used, not only to give direction, but also to promote events and businesses or simply add a different dimension and point of interest to any area in which they are used.

In these days of influential social media, providing an intriguing floor graphic will see people taking photos of themselves with it, or just the graphic itself, and then sharing these pictures on the different platforms such as Instagram, thus spreading the word and effectively becoming unpaid sales reps for your business!

How do we know that floor graphics work?

People tend to notice floor graphics above other visible media, like posters or hoardings, in locations. This is because most people tend to walk with their heads down, either checking their phone or simply watching their step! An interesting floor graphic interrupts their line of vision, and therefore becomes immediately noticeable – so eye-catching artwork will automatically draw people’s attention to it – and you can use that to feature company logos, special offers from your business, directions to your outlet or any other form of content.

Retail survey figures show that businesses that employ floor graphics as part of their in-store advertising sold 17% more than the businesses that don’t use them! Further research confirms that more than 50% of customers visiting these stores positively notice the floor signs.

A good marketing team will recognise the value of attracting potential customers by grabbing their attention through humour, tempting them with offers or providing something different and interesting – using floor graphics is the perfect vehicle with which to achieve that.

We are all constantly being hit with advertising in all forms throughout an average day – something that is ‘out of the ordinary’ will have an immediate impact and leave a memorable impression.


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