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Nottingham Museum and Art gallery are currently participating in the 100 year remembrance of the start of the First World War with their Trent-To-Trenches project.

The following quoted from the project web site.

‘Marking one hundred years since the outbreak of the Great War, this exhibition explores the experiences of the people of Nottingham and Nottinghamshire, at home and in the trenches in Northern France, through powerful images, diaries, letters and artefacts. The exhibition will draw on a range of collections, including loans from national institutions. The themes will be broad ranging, covering the involvement of local people in all theatres of the global conflict, their involvement in all services and on the home front and examining the changes wrought on society by the conflict. The exhibition will also cover the roles of men and women in the conflict and the experiences of people now living in Nottingham , who arrived in the City since 1918 from all over the world.’

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More information can be found here:

Whilst the exhibition utilises hundreds of artefacts to tell the story of local involvement in the war, great emphasis is placed on graphic interpretation and illustration.

John E. Wright where pleased to be asked to contribute printing services that would bring the project to fruition. After our previous work on the Jeremy Deller show tackling some of the very large scale graphic requirements was less daunting than it might appear.

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Using ‘Wall Wrap’ media printed on the EFI VUTEk GS3250lx printer and then cut on our recently acquired Zünd G3 XL-3200 Cutter we were able to produce consistently printed and accurately materials that our team could install on site. The materials used are highly suited to heavy traffic internal environments and will easily retain their appearance throughout the exhibition run.

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This has been the most involved culture & heritage project we have so far produced and was a very rewarding and satisfying job to undertake. This type of engagement helps us to better provide professional and cost effective graphic solutions on future projects, providing a learning experience for pre-press, production and installation operatives.

The Trent-To-Trenches exhibition is open daily until October.

All inquiries are welcome from any organisation that has similar graphic requirements. Please email to We would be pleased to offer any advice and assistance we can.

Project graphic design by Robert Harris

Photographs shown here credited to John Hartley

We are grateful to Nottingham City Museum & Art Gallery for involving us in this project.