In an age where there is so much design talk and activity around the digital world of websites and apps, it is often overlooked how effective a well-designed, and printed, poster can be for the promotion of your service, product or business.  Large poster printing can work effectively in a variety of ways for almost any project. 

Things to consider when designing your poster

Who is your potential audience – who are you trying to appeal to?

What are you trying to achieve – are you selling something, or are you promoting something – a product, an event – or is the poster’s aim to educate/inform people?

Poster size and location – how big is your poster going to be? Where is it going to be displayed? Will it stand out from its’ surrounding environment?

The content of your poster

Use one big visual image

Whether it’s a photograph, illustration or text, there should be ONE dominant image that is the core of your message.

Have clear messages

Key information should be easy to read from a distance. Ensure the content is relevant.

Prioritise information

Start the poster text content with the most vital piece of information – ensure ensuing text follows on in a logical and relevant order and format. 

Keep the title short and to the point – Include the name of the company/product.

Don’t include too much

Try not to make the content too cluttered – you want your poster to be eye-catching, but not confusing.

Ensure any wording/text is large enough to be read from a distance – people straining to read the content will soon tire of it!

Be consistent with fonts

Stick to one or two types of font at the most – choose fonts that are distinctive and complimentary.

Vary the lettering – use both upper and lower casing – it’s easier to read.

Use large spaces

Use exaggerated spacing between letters, lines of text and images – it will dramatically increase the visual impact and readability from distances.

Use colour in your poster to attract attention

Using colour is an effective way of attracting attention – and carries impact. Try to avoid colours that clash – select complimentary colours that will show contrast and, therefore, highlight aspects of your message.

Ensure any text is being displayed in a colour that stands out from the background – you don’t want your potential audience ‘searching’ for your message in the poster!

Consider your poster location to get the printing right

Depending on the location and targeted audience for your poster’s message, you should consider different printing techniques. Consult your printer as to the techniques they recommend for the size of poster you’re looking to produce.

Cheap poster printing is a great, cost effective way to produce a memorable, customised marketing vehicle for promotion of your product or service.

Other poster printing considerations

Think about creating smaller versions of your main poster to be used in other places/locations. This will help reinforce your message – those who have seen the larger version will recognise it, therefore increasing its’ repeated exposure.

Studies show that a person normally needs to be exposed to an image around 20 times for it to remain in their mind – To this end, consider the image being reproduced for social media use, on websites and can be sent both as an e-mail attachment or printed postcard.


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