Companies use many forms of marketing to advertise their brand and one effective way to attract attention to your business is to use outdoor banner printing. Obviously, an outdoor banner needs to catch the eye immediately and, therefore, needs to be visible, and clearly readable, from a distance. You also have many outdoor banner options to choose from and each provide their own benefits to promoting your services.

Here are a few important points of consideration when designing your outdoor banner printing:  

Know your location before designing your banner

An obvious consideration when using outdoor banners is where you intend to place them! You should identify this element before you design your banner – this will allow you to choose the right colours and can influence even the design itself. The colours of your banner should be a contrast to the environment in which the banner is to sit, in order to ensure that it stands out and will be noticed.

Ensure your banner is easily read

Unlike other forms of printed marketing material, such as flyers or leaflets, you need to ensure that your message can be read from a distance, so using large text that is easy to read is essential.

Choose the right font

It’s not just the size of your text that you need to consider – you must also think about the font it’s displayed in. You need people to notice, and to quickly read from a distance, your message – some fonts are ‘easier on the eye’ than others. For example, a bold sans-serif font is typically more readable than other serif fonts, but you must also consider the text of your message when deciding on which font to go with.

Keep your messages simple

People driving, or even walking, past your banner won’t have time to stop and digest paragraphs of text, so make your message as simple and concise as possible. The aim of your banner is to attract people’s initial attention and alert them to your company, or message. Identify what you want your banner to achieve – is it to simply reinforce brand awareness, or maybe to promote a specific product or service of your business? Whatever the aim is, keep the text as simplistic, and relevant, as you can – offer just enough to pique your target audience’s interest and convey your basic message. Once alerted, they can follow up their interest through other channels/media when they get the chance. 

Only use high quality graphics or photographs

We’ve all heard the saying “a picture tells a thousand words” – as your aim is to attract attention to your banner, then use of a high-quality photograph, or graphic, is a great way to grab your passer-by’s interest. In some cases, depending on what you’re promoting, a memorable image alone may be enough to convey your message, without use of text at all!

Consider the use of appropriate colours

It’s important to consider the colours you are going to use in your banner – if your brand has a certain colour associated with it, then ensure it features prominently in your banner design. Different colours evoke different reactions and emotions within people, so consider the actual message you’re trying to convey, and choose appropriate colours for that specific message. Very often, it is the colour of a banner that will initially grab a person’s attention! 


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