We’ve seen how effective flyers can be as a marketing tool.  Leaving aside the content – which is of course crucial – a key factor in determining just how effective flyers will turn out to be is their distribution. Before beginning any new flyer campaign you should be asking yourself the following questions:

  • who is the target audience?
  • do you know how to reach them?
  • do you know what they like?
  • what is your specific goal?
  • will your flyers be time-sensitive?
  • what has worked or not worked before?

Answers to all of these questions will help you to plan the perfect flyer distribution strategy – beginning with working out how many to print.  You don’t want to waste money on leaflets that never get delivered, particularly if they are in fact time sensitive.

Top Flyer Distribution Tips

Think about the size

Your flyers can be virtually any size that you want, but A5 is usually a good bet.  Small enough to be easily distributed (and not too heavy if someone is delivering them) but large enough to contain your message.

Can you partner with a publication?

If so this takes care of both the distribution method and the target audience

Can you partner with a business? 

Perhaps your flyers can be displayed at the point of sale or in carrier bags?

Sponsor an event

This might bump up the costs a little bit, but can be a very effective way of getting your flyers directly to the people you’re targeting

Think about timing

Should it be a phased delivery?  If based around an event, consider the most advantageous pre- and post- event timings, and remember to factor in holidays, seasons and so on

Deliver door to door or hand to hand.

  • Either way, make sure that your deliverer is smart and courteous (closing gates etc.) especially if you are delivering hand to hand. Remember, they are representing your company and this delivery could very well be the receivers first impression of you.
  • Which of the two methods you choose will depend on who you’re targeting. To get to everybody door to door is clearly sensible, but if you’re advertising a coffee shop in the centre of town why not deliver hand to hand to people in the vicinity – perhaps with an incentive.
  • If you are distributing hand to hand it’s a great way of engaging with potential clients, as your people can talk to the people they hand the flyers to.
  • Be aware of the 2005 Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act – you need a permit to distribute leaflets in most major cities in the UK

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