There are many forms of signage that businesses employ as part of their marketing strategies and advertising campaigns. Amongst the most popular – and effective – signage vehicles is the totem sign, or monolith – these are free standing signs that you will often see displayed high by roadsides or in retail parks and leisure facilities.

They are often used as navigational signage – for example in hospital grounds or at major event venues. They are versatile in that they can be placed on any sort of ground – hard or soft – in almost any location to prominently display the information or message you want to convey to people.

Here are some advantages to using monolith or totem signs to promote your business:

A highly visible signage option

One of the great advantages of totem sign advertising is the range of visibility they offer – obviously prominent and visible during daylight, totem signs can be easily illuminated to brightly display your message in darkness and poor weather conditions.

Custom heights mean you sign can be displayed in any direction

Your totem sign supplier can furnish you with signage of any height – and where you deploy your totem signs is only restricted by local authority regulations! Using monolith signage, you can display your message high by the side of a busy road to be visible and unobscured from great distances to attract attention of passers-by – this signage not only garners early notice, but also affords your potential customer a longer time to view your message and process the information you are displaying!

Design versatility means they can as detailed as you desire

Totem sign design can take on any form – they can be produced as simple flat panels or can be as detailed and sophisticated as you desire. The totem sign designs can cater for whatever your company marketing requirements may be – they can be fabricated, cleverly illuminated and can incorporate company branding or logos, corporate colours and marketing messages – the design is only limited by your own creativity!

Free standing signs only need their own structural support

A major advantage of totem signs is that they are free standing – they don’t need to be attached to a building or any other structure such as fences or walls. As an independent sign with their own structural support, they can be utilised almost anywhere in any type of location.

Totem signs are eye-catching and highly effective in marketing your business and conveying your important business information and reinforcing your brand image!

Your totem sign supplier will offer you a complete design, manufacture and installation service and advice specifically tailored to your business and your marketing and advertising requirements and goals.


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