Amongst the many varied marketing and advertising opportunities that businesses employ, the well-established tool of vehicle branding still proves popular and cost-effective. Every day going about our business, we see cars, vans, and lorries displaying company logos and brand names as they pass us by – potentially thousands of potential customers a week can see your branded vehicle! It can be an affordable and effective marketing method for your business – here are some tips to make the best use of vehicle branding:

Keep It Simple

Identify the most important information you want to convey through your vehicle branding – business name, your product or service and your contact details. Keep the information concise and simple – remember you are using a moving vehicle or car branding, not a static advertising hoarding, so consider that your audience only has a few seconds to see and digest the information displayed. Ensure any images, logos and colours are recognisable as those your company uses in your other marketing and advertising – your company brand needs to be reinforced with your vehicle branding.   

Keep It Legible

Consider the font you use and the size of the lettering – your message needs to be read from a distance so opt for a commonly recognisable font like Calibri – people are used to seeing this font in their own workplace every day, so the eye will “pick-up” on it immediately. A more complicated or artistic font may take seconds for people to adjust to when reading – and you only have a few seconds on a moving vehicle for people to see and digest the message displayed!

Use All The Vehicle

If you are going to the effort of advertising your business using vehicle branding, then ensure you use ALL of the available space on the vehicle to display your company vehicle graphics. Many companies just use the sides of a car or van to advertise their services – remember a vehicle is a three-dimensional object and can be viewed from the front and back as well as the sides, so take advantage of the space available. You can have van wraps that encompass all the areas of the vehicle that are practical for displaying your images and messages. 

Use Quality Photographs

Ensure any images you want to display on your company vehicles are of a professional quality, clear and distinctive – a poor quality, grainy image will look unprofessional and cheap – and that is the unfortunate impression you would give of your company’s products and services! You want your advertising materials, including car branding, to be reflective of the high-quality service your business offers, so it is worth investing in a professional photographer to produce the images for your company vehicle graphics.

Use Appropriate Imagery

Create a design that is appropriate for, and reflective of, your business – if your business arena is construction or similar services then an ‘industrial’ design of simply displaying company name and contact details may suffice. If your business is of a more creative nature, for example, a florist, then you may want more ‘complex’ and artistic imagery for your vehicle. 

Make A Statement

The most important thing to remember for your vehicle branding is to make a clear and concise statement – the aim of this advertising is to generate interest and potential business, and to reinforce your brand to a wider audience. Keep the advertising message simple, keep the vehicle clean and in good order – how you maintain and drive this mobile marketing platform will impact how existing and potential customers will view your company and services.


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