Posters are an effective means for promoting a message. The design of the poster can have a big impact on the attention it receives, how it’s perceived, and whether people respond to the specific call to action. If you plan to design your own poster online, follow these tips to maximise your success.

Make it look professional

If you don’t possess artistic skills, you can still create your own poster online by using poster design templates. There are many options to choose from, and these are useful if you want to ensure professional results. Start with a template as a base, and customise it by changing fonts, sizes and images to suit your specific message or goal.

Make it grab attention

Your poster should instantly grab attention, so play around with fonts and text sizes to highlight key information that you want to stand out on the poster. Make sure this is easy to read from a distance. Ideally, your poster should include an eye-catching heading, and details such as what, where and when in smaller text. Depending on your core message, a powerful image can be a key feature, but make sure it relates to the overall tone and theme.

Be creative

Don’t be afraid to unleash your creative side when designing a poster, especially if you’re using poster design templates. You want your poster to be original and eye-catching, so that it stands out from the crowd. A poster is one form of marketing communication where you have more creative freedom to experiment with different fonts, colours or images. For a powerful effect, consider high contrast elements on the poster, and don’t forget about the background colour.

Opt for quality printing

Once you’ve created a poster masterpiece to be proud of, don’t ruin your efforts at the last hurdle by choosing poor quality printing. Good quality printing ensures your text, colours and images look sharp and clear, and will help convey your professional image.

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