Many companies attend trade exhibitions and shows as part of their overall marketing and advertising strategies. These events can generate a lot of interest and business for your company so it is important to make the most of these opportunities when attending these events – and your exhibition stand design is a vital component in achieving that! First impressions count – especially when lining-up with direct industry competitors at these shows – so creating the “wow” factor is important.

Here are some things to take into account when creating your trade show stand design:

1. Keep It Simple

Keep your stand design simple and clear. Potential clients are walking past dozens of exhibitors so ensure yours is easy to read and easy to understand – don’t overload it with images and text.

2. Use a relevant stand display

There are many different options and styles to choose from when it comes to your exhibition stand design – consult with an industry expert as to which is likely to be the most effective for your company and message. There are pop-up displays, roller banners, shell scheme graphic panels and modular displays, or a combination of these that can make up your display. Choosing the correct stand configuration is important in getting your message across at a trade show.

3. Always proof read everything!

Seems obvious, but people do make errors! Incorrect spelling, grammar or punctuation will be noticed – and gives the wrong impression to potential customers. People will think that, if you’re careless with your marketing materials, you are likely to be as unprofessional in the delivery of your product or service also – so check, check and check again!

4. Use the full height of your space

You only have a certain amount of space available for your exhibition display, so make the most of it! Take advantage of the full height allowed you – if your display appears taller than surrounding competitor’s displays then there is a better chance you will be noticed. Lighting your display is also important, and the taller your stand – correctly lit – the more it will stand out.

5. The placement of your marketing messages

Where you place your main message on your display is vitally important. Ensure it is located in the top third of your trade show banner design – your message needs to be clear and easy to read – placing it lower down in your display may mean it gets missed by potential clients. People read from left to right and top to bottom, so build this into your stand design – use large imagery that reflects your brand and message.

6. Clear and consistent branding

Ensure your exhibition stand design reflects the rest of your corporate image and brand. It should look the same as any other marketing literature or products that you have, and any imagery and colouring your company website may display. Keeping uniformity between all these elements reinforces your brand image and makes your company more memorable to those who see the display and other advertising vehicles you use.

7. Audio visual

Where possible and appropriate, audio visual content will attract people to your display and look professional. It offers the opportunity to better engage with your potential customers and adds interest to your display.

8. Use effective graphics

We all know the saying “A picture paints a thousand words” – and it is true! Strong imagery and short, concise text will have a greater impact than long passages of wording – the fewer words you can deliver your core message to the public, the more effective it will be. Use large fonts, in attractive colours and format, and you will attract more people to your display.

9. Don’t miss key information

There are certain features, or information, that EVERY exhibition stand design should display:

  • Logo – It is your brand identification.
  • Message – Your main message, strapline or header should always be in the forefront of your design.
  • Contact Details – It’s no good advertising your brand and message if people don’t know how to contact you to follow-up the information and interest you’ve generated at the show.

10. Invest in expert help

Not everybody is an expert in the finer points of graphic design, so consult someone who is. Your trade show graphics may be used over and over again, so it is worth investing in getting exactly right from the outset. This display represents your company and your brand – it should appear professional and positive.

Trade show and exhibition planning checklist

If you plan your trade show events properly, they can be a very effective marketing vehicle for your business. We’ve put together everything you need to know in our planning checklist.

Read our exhibition planning checklist

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