Showcasing your business at an exhibition is an effective way to market your company. It is important though, that when you are ‘lining up’ against your business competitors in these arenas, that you stand out from them. Your exhibition stand will need to set you apart from the rest – and it is not always an easy task to do that!

Here are some useful guidelines to consider when designing your event graphics:

Research the venue and who else is exhibiting

Always research your venue and your competition. You will be able to look at previous similar events held at the venue, either through photographs on the event/venue website or on social media, and take into account what your competitors’ exhibition stands look like.

Often, businesses from a sector will set themselves out in a similar style or fashion – aim to have a different look from the rest – that way you will stand out from the crowd.  

Be bold in your design

Keep text to a minimum and go for a bold image. Make your vital information large and memorable – your company name, logo and strapline – the things you want your potential customers to notice and remember. Business exhibition stands can often be very ‘corporate’ and unimaginative – be brave and use bold patterns and colours.

Consider the use of separate panels

Depending on the graphic you’re using, the thin shell scheme poles can be used to your advantage. If you opt for a ‘seamless’ graphic, then wide text and large images will look great. If, however, you opt for a ‘non-seamless’ graphic, then the naturally-formed ‘panels’ can be used to divide your artwork into, perhaps, images and text. With this option, try to avoid any text that will ‘spill over’ into neighbouring panels – it will lose its impact!

Plan out your available space for maximum impact

It’s important to plan out, and use, your space properly. Consider what other items will be on your exhibition stand – if you will have display cases, or other furniture items backing onto the shell scheme walls, then ensure that none of your important messages, or images, are not going to be compromised. Always have your brand name towards the top of your display – you want the attendees to be able to see it at all times, even when your exhibition stand may be crowded.

Check the quality of your images

Before finalising your shell scheme graphics display, carefully check what it will look like at full size. You can often miss something, or not get a true representation of what the image will look like when blown up to exhibition stand size – check the clarity and quality of images in full scale. 

Check spelling and grammar carefully

Nothing is more unprofessional than a spelling, or grammatical, error on your display! If your exhibition stand is not professionally displayed, then potential customers are not going to have much faith in the professionalism of the product, or service, you provide. Check your spelling and grammar carefully – then, when you’ve done that, get somebody else to do the same!

Keep it simple – avoid unnecessary detail

Do not include anything on your display that is not serving a specific purpose! Exhibition graphics are not there just to look pretty – they are there to attract attention to your brand, your service and your message. Any other image, or text, that distracts from the important information you’re trying to relay will have a negative effect on your event graphics and your purpose, so no unnecessary detail!

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