Many companies have representation at corporate exhibition events as part of their marketing and advertising strategies. These events can have a significant impact in raising the profile of a business and brand, and attracting new clients or customers. These events are, though, often competitive affairs with a number of direct business rival companies also occupying space at the same event – you need to ensure that your exhibition stand is the one that attracts the visitors attention over your competitors offerings.

Here are a few tips to help your shell scheme graphics and your trade show panels stand out from the rest.

Research your competitors panel design

Always research what your competition stands may look like. It’s difficult to be different from the rest if you don’t know what they will be displaying. Use online platforms and social media to view previous, or similar, events to gauge the type of exhibition stands your competition usually display. When you know what, typically, other stands may look like, then break this theme with something different in your graphics and you will stand out from the crowd.

Be bold and make your messages stand out

Make your important details large and bold – your company name, logo, unique selling point, and any tagline should be prominent– keep any other text to a minimum. Patterns and bold colours can be unusual in certain corporate sectors, so be brave with your style and colour choices.

Use colours to define your theme and mood

Colours can have a great effect in creating and directing moods – yellow is uplifting whilst blue is, generally, seen as calming. These colours can also influence exhibition visitors in other, more subtle ways though – blue branding is associated with trust, whilst using orange in your branding and display graphics indicates cheeriness and positivity. Consider these aspects when choosing your artwork for your exhibition stand design.

A shell scheme gives you clear opportunities to break up content

The actual, physical nature of a shell scheme graphics display stand lends itself to natural spacing or panelling. The thin poles break-up the display graphic at regular intervals – use this to divide your artwork into different panels of images and text. Try to avoid displaying text over more than one panel – unless you’ve opted for a seamless wall graphic, in which case use larger images and wider text for maximum impact.

Think about how you will fill your stand space

Be aware of your exhibition space as a whole, not just the graphics you display! What else will be occupying that exhibition stand space – will there be furniture, other display units, people standing?

All these things can affect how your stand will be seen by the visitors – if there is to be other furniture, then ensure it won’t be obscuring important messages or aspects of your graphic display – place any important logo, message or text towards the top of the artwork, so that it will always be visible.

Check how your design will look and ensure wording is correct

Whilst this seems an obvious aspect, it is vitally important. Check what the visual images look like in full scale – when designing the images, they may look fine on a screen, but may take on a different look when blown to full exhibition display size. Check all the text that is to be displayed on your shell scheme graphics display – spelling and grammatical mistakes can be easily missed, but will portray an unprofessional and poor quality image if they go undetected.

Check the text carefully yourself – and then get a colleague to check it also, before submitting it to the printers.

Remove any irrelevant content

As stated earlier, the purpose of your exhibition stand design is attract visitors to your stand, inform visitors of your key message and, perhaps, product or service, and strengthen your brand identity and presence. Any text or image that is not directly contributing to those ends is irrelevant and unnecessary – so do not include them in your display design!


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