You’ve worked hard on it. Really hard!

Your thesis or dissertation represents the culmination of years of hard work, countless hours of research, and probably a considerable amount of strain and worry. It’s the crowning glory of all your years of studying, and it may well go on to become a valuable source of reference for future generations.

And because of this, your dissertation or thesis deserves a level of printing and binding which will both present it, and preserve and protect it, in the best way possible.

Instaprint printers in Nottingham offer a fast, efficient and superlative quality service for thesis printing and binding, dissertation printing and dissertation binding in Nottingham and of course remotely for students in any part of the UK.

We offer thesis binding, or dissertation binding, in a range of options:

  • Hardback binding, with elegant foil lettering to both the cover and spine.
  • Soft binding, with a clear PVC cover.
  • Soft binding, with a card cover and gold lettering.
  • Soft binding, with a plain card cover.

For the pages themselves, we use high quality copy paper of at least 90gsm weight to give a high quality feel and durability to the whole document.

Instaprint have many years’ experience in thesis printing, thesis binding, dissertation printing and dissertation binding; and we are as proud of our efficient and reliable service as you are of your final body of work. We also understand very well that dissertation and thesis printing is an area where short turnaround times are often required! You can trust us, as we’re used to coping with tight deadlines. In fact, we can even print and bind dissertations the same day in extremely urgent situations.

After years of printing and binding countless dissertations and theses, we have two crucial tips for students before submitting their work for binding. It may seem obvious, but please:

  • Check it, check it, and check it again! It’s amazing how easy it is to miss something the auto spellcheck is telling you, when you’ve been burning the midnight oil for too long.
  • Make absolutely certain you are clear about your own particular University or College’s criteria and specifications for dissertation and thesis printing and binding.

People often ask if it’s really worth the extra cost of having their dissertation or thesis professionally printed and bound. Look at it this way: if you were being paid by the hour to research and write it, what would it be worth? Isn’t the small additional cost of a professional finish worth it? It certainly is when you consider that it is widely accepted that professional printing and binding of your dissertation or thesis genuinely can make a positive difference to the mark awarded.

So make sure you present your work in the way it deserves, and contact our friendly and knowledgeable team at Instaprint today to discuss your dissertation printing requirements on 0115 895 0123. Or alternatively, get a quote and place your order through our website.