When it comes to selling your product or services as a business, a lot of success comes down to a good reputation, a well-presented brand, and generally creating a good impression on people who haven’t heard of you or who don’t understand what you’re offering. Establishing new business isn’t always a walk in the park, but once it has been established you can often count on repeat custom that brings in a lot of extra trade, and you can also be confident that word-of-mouth from these successful transactions and interactions will secure more business further down the line with new clients. So how do you kick-start this process? One way is by using advertising leaflets. Leaflets are a fantastic marketing tool for any business, and can greatly increase trade and relations.

Leaflets express the brand and the company values

In the modern world, where competition is so ripe and the internet offers so much choice, it’s important to express to customers that your brand is the best option. Branding counts for a lot for modern purchasers, and seeing a well-designed logo, a nice bit of type, and an appropriate tone of voice can make the difference when it comes to choosing a company for a particular product or service. At Instaprint we only ever use high quality ink on luxury paper or card, ranging from 150 gsm to 300 gsm, to help you show your customers you care about your brand image and the message you’re advertising.

Leaflets can be direct

One of the best features of leaflets for advertising is that they can be used as a direct marketing tool. This means that they can be physically distributed to individuals, and if desired, these people can be specifically chosen so that your information is being directed at the most appropriate audience. Some forms of advertising – such as newspaper ads – are indirect and easily overlooked, which means your advertising budget is being wasted. With leaflets and effective leaflet design, you can be in control, which means 100% exposure.

Leaflets are cost effective

Statistically, for the amount of initial spend, plus the returns response, leaflets are the most cost effective and business savvy advertising approach. They have the best return rate for the lowest initial input. Win win!

For high quality bespoke advertising leaflets that are designed around your business, your brand, and your needs – look no further than Instaprint. We also offer a print-only option, so if your artwork is already in place and you’re simply looking for the best possible finish, our leaflet printing service is exactly what you’re after.