You might be pleasantly surprised at all the advantages that printed postcards have in advertising.  That’s right – the humble little postcard.  Check out our list:

  • It’s a bit of an unusual thing to do, so you’ll get noticed. Think about it, how many postcards do you get?
  • With the right design a personalised printed postcard can look really good, and stand you apart from your competition
  • Thinking about your competition, they won’t know what you’ve done – unlike if you advertise in the press or a similar forum. It’s always good to keep your competitors in the dark!
  • It’s easy to track your results – you can have a code on the card to be typed in when they go online, or maybe even bring the postcard into store for a special offer
  • You can test an offer with a small postcard drop – and if it works you can ramp it up
  • Postcards are versatile – you can do a lot with them, promoting your brand, providing information, inspiring clients to do more business with you, or use them as invitations to special events such as new product launches or open evenings for valued customers
  • Postcards are more likely to be read than letters
  • Postcards are small – they can be kept on the desk, stuck to the fridge, in a handbag…

Perfect really, aren’t they?  Just one thing though – remember that however good the postcards and the messages on them, the database they’re going to will ultimately determine their effectiveness – a great postcard design on its own is unlikely to be sufficient.

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