In a previous article we observed that much – if not all – of the information stored on the average leaflet will be available online, and is therefore easy to find and also update – which begs the question, are leaflets effective in our digital age?  Why not rely on the internet and the quality of your web-site?

Let’s begin to answer this question by looking at some statistics.

“Lies, damned lies, and statistics” …

Now don’t be cynical!  Yes it’s true that statistics can be interpreted in many different ways – you only have to listen to politicians on Election Night to learn that every possible result is a good result – and yet the bare facts don’t themselves lie.  So here are some that you might find interesting, taken from the Direct Marketing Association:

  1. As many as 79% of recipients either keep, pass on to a friend, or glance over the contents of a leaflet distribution item
  2. Leaflet distribution is one of the most affordable and effective methods of advertising, with 48% of consumers responding to leaflet advertisements
  3. 89% of consumers remember receiving a door drop mailing – more than any other marketing channel.
  4. 45% of consumers keep one or more leaflets on a pinboard or in a kitchen drawer
  5. Nine in ten people are happy to regularly receive unaddressed mail from retailers

There are some fairly compelling figures there, but of course they don’t tell the whole story.  It’s fair to say that direct mail in particular has faced a major challenge to its place in the marketing mix over the last decade in the face of the rise of email and, more recently, social and mobile media. Yet physical communications retain an important place in consumer’s affections and can be a powerful option for brands.

Something to bear in mind of course is that every type of media is effective to a greater or lesser extent, whether it’s TV, radio, newspaper, on the side of buses, billboards, flyers, or whatever.  The question remains, how effective and at what cost?

What we can say is that for businesses in Nottingham and throughout the UK, leaflets are relevant, well received, and a very powerful channel in today’s multichannel landscape.

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Leaflet Printing Nottingham

Of course, it’s one thing being convinced that leaflets are a highly effective marketing tool.  It’s quite another knowing where to go to get them, how to design them, what content to put on them, and so on …

And that’s where we come in, with a proud track record of supplying high quality leaflets to a large and increasing number of customers, a host of pre-designed templates for you to choose from if you don’t want to design your own artwork, a prompt and efficient delivery process, and outstanding customer service.

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We’ll be absolutely delighted to help you create the perfect leaflet for your business.