If someone says the word “leaflet” to you, you probably picture something very different to the next person. Using leaflets has always been a great way to promote your company, bringing it to the attention of potential clients. With so many different types of leaflets available, the only thing which really limits how a leaflet can look is the imagination of its creator.

If you’re considering leaflet promotion, Instaprint are ready to bring your ideas to the printing press. In this blog post, we’ll look at some different varieties of flyers which John E Wright’s leaflet printing team can design for your business.

Single sheet

The simplest form of leaflet marketing, one single sheet of A5 is also the most common. Designed to get your information to people in the minimum time possible to keep their attention, you can print on one or both sides of the paper.

Single fold

Using a sheet of A4, with a single fold to turn it into an A5 sized booklet, this is an effective way of getting a bit more marketing information to your customer.

Concertina fold

Creating a zig-zag, or Z fold, with your sheet of paper, this gives you six panels to use for your advertising.

Cross fold

Pocket size, portable promotion, perfect for the reader on the go, the cross fold is a sheet of paper folded multiple times, a bit like London tube maps.

Open gate fold

Fantastic for a big reveal, these will take the form of a rectangular strip of paper, divided into thirds. The outer two sections are folded in, one at a time, providing an effective cover for the key information which the reader will see in the central section.

Closed gate fold

Similar to the open gate fold, the closed gate fold is particularly effective for invitations and brochures. The open gate fold is folded one more time in the centre of the main panel, meaning the leaflet opens up in a booklet form.

Roll fold

Similar to the Z fold, this design features panels which fold into the middle of the leaflet. Six panels is the most common, but you can also roll fold eight panels.

If you’re ready to advertise your services with custom printed leaflets at really competitive prices, check out our services, or get in touch with John E Wright to talk about how the affordable benefits of flyers can bring your business to the top of the charts.